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Real Joy In Every Moment

There are lots of ideas floating around out there as to how a person can truly be happy, yet the answer is right within us, if we are Christians.

Christ lists nine ways in does not mean that we necessarily will experience joy unless we by faith rest in Him. We must make a choice to let Christ be our joy, to let Him give us joy, and to believe that He will do just that. If we falter in our…

Reaping the Benefits of Someone Else's Sacrifice

I had to return to a lesson learned a while back this past week. The lesson was on sacrifice. I returned to this lesson because I found myself in a place where I was beginning to forget what true sacrifice was. As far back as I can remember I have fought for something. I remember fighting for approval and acceptance and trying to earn it from those I cared about, even as a child. When I was in…

Rearended by a Baptist

This past Monday morning as I was heading up to the local coffee house, the Lock 'N Key, I took my usual route. I headed toward the downtown area of Georgetown by turning left onto Champion Way and then out to U. S. 62. Something odd happened as I got to the junction of Champion Way and 62. I was following a school bus which stopped at the light and let a car go by before turning right. As I…


This past week was a very interesting and frustrating one. March 23 was Easter. That Sunday was wonderful. Our church had its Sunrise Service which was centered on the empty tomb and the solid Rock of Jesus Christ. This was followed with a breakfast of biscuits and gravy, sausage and pancakes. Then came the morning worship and a wonderful Easter celebration focusing on the rush that Easter…


My daughter has one of those GPS thingys… Global Positioning Systems… that tells you how to get from point A to point B. Sometimes it doesn't take the usual route that I've gone for the past several years from point A to point B, and that has given me a fresh look at where I live. I never knew you could drive down Palestine Road and get to Jackson Landing with no traffic. Or…


I had this hard week at work a few weeks back. It wasn't hard because of the workload or because of someone else, it was hard because I came in on Monday, was called into my supervisor's office and called out on not doing my best. I was confronted for shoveling work that I did not want to do onto my subordinates (for lack of a better term). However, these young women are not my subordinates, they…

Rejected for Life

Guano. Know what that is? No it's not what native bearers called the person for whom they worked. That's Bwana. Guano is bird droppings. Yes, the stuff that you see on the sidewalks and on your deck in the peak seasons for birds. I know. It's nasty stuff and probably doesn't belong in a spiritual column. Bear with me and I will explain. By the way, you can be happy that the birds that live…


That kind of wind that dances with your pant legs whipped out across the lake. It teased the tops of waves and got colder as it raced across the top of the water. It laughed making the waves ripple. The water's chill infused the wind, and it got colder. The breeze off the water hit the marble of the steps and spewed up, circling around and finding a perfect hat. It was made of wool and black as…

Relatively Rich

It's tax time again and many people still haven't recovered from overspending at Christmas. We may be feeling the financial noose tighten and counting the days until that tax refund shows up. (Or counting the days until we have to write a check to the IRS!) Money can so easily become the master of our lives and it is not a compassionate ruler.

I once saw a man interviewed about money. He was…

Remain calm while the storm rages

Did God allow Job to be harmed past endurance? Did God share with Job that Satan was the one playing havoc in his life? Were any of us around when God laid the foundations of the world and when He hung the stars in place?

Well, if you answered 'yes' to any of those questions, please email me, we need to talk.

No, God did not allow harm to Job beyond Job's endurance. Anyone else might have…

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Eve of Pentecost
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