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Take a Break

Is he back? Isn't he back? Probably. This week has been a difficult one for writing a column. If I was one of those guys who has all the toys, laptop included, I could have kept up. But I don't, so I missed Monday morning (on the road to Florida) and Wednesday morning (on the road back home to Kentucky). I am at home today and tomorrow.

Yesterday was an interesting day. I left my nephew's…

Take It Home To The Father

It was all cackles and sputters and tweets and hums and beeps. It's fascinating to listen to a dial up for the internet squawk at you incessantly for five minutes until you finally get the picture and hit cancel. Such is life in Dial Up City. It's tough; it's brutal; it's where I live. And it can be frustrating. It's a good thing that the monitor is located where it is on my desk. At my age…

Take Your Cake to Work

Last night my wife and I spent zero time together once we got back from eating supper out. My wife had a couple of cakes to bake and she had to watch them closely. Was she baking for family members or close friends of the family? No. She was baking for a guy at work. My wife is employed by Jack Burford Chevrolet in Richmond, Kentucky. She is in her sixth year with them. A few years back she…

Taking out the Garbage!

Each Thursday morning a large, loud vehicle lumbers down our street and everyone under the age of six gets excited and stares in fascination out the front window as the air brakes bring it to a squeaking-whooshing halt and a guy in a fluorescent T-shirt jumps out and attaches a large trash receptacle to the back. The kids point and squeal as it gets dumped into the truck. Then it's time for a mad…

Taking The Credit

I really don't give God as much glory as He deserves. A sure sign of whether or not I am giving God His deserved glory and reverence is to ask myself what I value the most at a given point in time. What I am most committed to is what I worship. I can easily divert my reverence from God and instead worship people, my relationships and myself.

As I have prepared to leave the country God has…

Tapestry Unraveling

I've heard poems and songs about life being a tapestry. A beautiful work of art which tells a story through brilliant colors and detailed pictures.

Imagine how much time and effort it must take to weave a tapestry, especially at their height of fashionable decorating hundreds of years ago. The planning and knowledge needed to create such a work of art was unbelievable.

A person of wealth…

Taste and See . . .

When my husband and I were first married we were broke. We bought basic groceries but not many favorite snacks or treats. One day my mom called and said she had a platter of one of my favorite snacks leftover from a get-together at her house. I was taco dip - the layered kind with refried beans, salsa, sour cream, lettuce, cheese, tomato - yum!

She brought "the platter of ambrosia" over with…

Tasting or Drinking?

I have often thought about, and discussed, from Thanatos literally meaning death of the body which means life on earth is ended. And literally keeps more sins from being committed by that brother. For me, this is a greater example of the 'sin unto death' that John talks about in . It must be a mother and lay an egg, but it can never be what it once was.

Therefore I must look at…

Technology Can't Touch This

We have reached a time in our society where old is not so much an age issue as it is a technology issue. Granted people still celebrate birthdays which means that each year a person is getting older. However, their aging factor is compared against that of the technology around them. Let me use myself to illustrate. This year I will be fifty-six years old. In some places I am considered a Senior…

Ten Principles for Effective Evangelism

The call and ministry of every Christian is to be an evangelist. Not to witness is sin because we know we ought to be doing it (. We can't solely rely upon our pastor or church to do it because we are the church. It is our call and our responsibility. We are ministers of reconciliation, and we will be judged for our faithfulness in that ministry (.

The ministry starts with a burden

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