Personal Resources

The personal resources found here are designed to help the individual have a daily walk with God. Whether it is a daily reading of scripture, devotional, or weekly set of articles, it is our hope that each will spark a feeling of praise, adoration and thankfulness for God's blessings.

Reading Plans

Following a daily reading plan may or may not help you deepen your walk with God. However, by following a systematic plan you can cover a lot of Biblical territory. It will begin to prepare you for those moments when you are ready to dive into Scripture and strengthen your foundation. Like a farmer preparing the soil for planting, so does daily readings from God's word.

Daily Reading Plans provide seven different reading plans that you can follow. Whether it is a passage from both the Old and New Testaments or in chronological order, six of them cover the whole Bible with the seventh covering the New Testament, Psalms and Proverbs.

Personalized Reading Plans

If you would like to create your own personalized reading plan, has you covered. You can choose to create our own personalized reading plan to fit a particular schedule or scripture reading. You have a choice of Bible translation, which books to read and in what order, date range, and reading frequency. Complete personalization of your plan and print it out. If you are a member of the site you can have it mailed to you daily. Your choices are only a click away.

Daily Devotionals

A daily devotional provide a thought provoking reading based on a passage from the Bible. It can then have additional verses to review and/or ideas for your prayer time. The purpose is to encourage your spiritual growth on a daily basis. Some devotionals are light-hearted (Chip Shots from the Ruff of Life), other will make you pause and ponder (Morning and Evening with A.W. Tozer). All of them can be received on a daily basis in your email. provides 5 modern devotionals and 7 classics.