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Thursday, July 18th, 2024
the Week of Proper 10 / Ordinary 15
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June 22 - Chronological Order


Proverbs 30-31

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Chapter 30

The Words of Agur

1 The words of Agur son of Jakeh. The oracle.[a](a)

The man's oration to Ithiel, to Ithiel and Ucal:[b]

2 I am more stupid than any other man,[c]
and I lack man's ability to understand.(b)
3 I have not gained wisdom,
and I have no knowledge of the Holy One.(c)
4 Who has gone up to heaven and come down?(d)
Who has gathered the wind in His hands?
Who has bound up the waters in a cloak?(e)
Who has established all the ends of the earth?(f)
What is His name,
and what is the name of His Son—
if you know?(g)
5 Every word of God is pure;[d](h)
He is a shield to those who take refuge in Him.(i)
6 Don't add to His words,(j)
or He will rebuke you, and you will be proved a liar.(k)

7 Two things I ask of You;
don't deny them to me before I die:
8 Keep falsehood and deceitful words far from me.
Give me neither poverty nor wealth;
feed me with the food I need.(l)
9 Otherwise, I might have too much(m)
and deny You,(n) saying, "Who is the Lord ?"(o)
or I might have nothing and steal,(p)
profaning[e] the name of my God.(q)

10 Don't slander a servant to his master
or he will curse you,(r) and you will become guilty.

11 There is a generation that curses its father
and does not bless its mother.(s)
12 There is a generation that is pure in its own eyes,(t)
yet is not washed from its filth.
13 There is a generation—how haughty its eyes
and pretentious its looks.[f]
14 There is a generation whose teeth are swords,(u)
whose fangs are knives,(v)
devouring the oppressed from the land(w)
and the needy from among mankind.

15 The leech has two daughters: "Give, Give!"
Three things(x) are never satisfied;
four never say, "Enough!":
16 Sheol;(y) a childless womb;(z)
earth, which is never satisfied with water;
and fire, which never says, "Enough!"

17 As for the eye that ridicules a father(aa)
and despises obedience to a mother,
may ravens of the valley pluck it out
and young vultures eat it.(ab)

18 Three things are beyond me;
four I can't understand:
19 the way of an eagle in the sky,
the way of a snake on a rock,
the way of a ship at sea,
and the way of a man with a young woman.

20 This is the way of an adulteress:
she eats and wipes her mouth
and says, "I've done nothing wrong."(ac)

21 The earth trembles under three things;
it cannot bear up under four:
22 a servant when he becomes king,(ad)
a fool when he is stuffed with food,
23 an unloved woman when she marries,(ae)
and a servant girl when she ousts her queen.

24 Four things on earth are small,
yet they are extremely wise:
25 the ants are not a strong people,
yet they store up their food in the summer;(af)
26 hyraxes are not a mighty people,
yet they make their homes in the cliffs;(ag)
27 locusts have no king,
yet all of them march in ranks;(ah)
28 a lizard[g] can be caught in your hands,
yet it lives in kings' palaces.

29 Three things are stately in their stride,
even four are stately in their walk:
30 a lion, which is mightiest among beasts
and doesn't retreat before anything,
31 a strutting rooster,[h] a goat,
and a king at the head of his army.[i]

32 If you have been foolish by exalting yourself
or if you've been scheming,
put your hand over your mouth.(ai)
33 For the churning of milk produces butter,
and twisting a nose draws blood,
and stirring up anger produces strife.(aj)

Chapter 31

The Words of Lemuel

1 The words of King Lemuel,
an oracle[a](a) that his mother taught him:

2 What should I say, my son?
What, son of my womb?(b)
What, son of my vows?
3 Don't spend your energy(c) on women
or your efforts on those who destroy kings.(d)
4 It is not for kings, Lemuel,
it is not for kings(e) to drink wine(f)
or for rulers to desire beer.
5 Otherwise, they[b] will drink,
forget what is decreed,(g)
and pervert justice for all the oppressed.[c](h)
6 Give beer to one who is dying
and wine to one whose life is bitter.(i)
7 Let him drink so that he can forget his poverty
and remember his trouble no more.(j)
8 Speak up[d] for those who have no voice,[e](k)
for the justice of all who are dispossessed.[f]
9 Speak up,[g] judge righteously,(l)
and defend the cause of[h] the oppressed and needy.(m)

In Praise of a Capable Wife

10 Who can find a capable wife?[i](n)
She is far more precious than jewels.[j]
11 The heart of her husband trusts in her,
and he will not lack anything good.
12 She rewards him with good, not evil,
all the days of her life.
13 She selects wool and flax
and works with willing hands.
14 She is like the merchant ships,
bringing her food from far away.(o)
15 She rises while it is still night(p)
and provides food for her household
and portions[k] for her female servants.(q)
16 She evaluates a field and buys it;
she plants a vineyard with her earnings.[l](r)
17 She draws on her strength[m]
and reveals that her arms are strong.(s)
18 She sees that her profits are good,
and her lamp never goes out at night.(t)
19 She extends her hands to the spinning staff,
and her hands hold the spindle.(u)
20 Her hands reach[n] out to the poor,
and she extends her hands to the needy.(v)
21 She is not afraid for her household when it snows,
for all in her household are doubly clothed.[o]
22 She makes her own bed coverings;(w)
her clothing is fine linen(x) and purple.(y)
23 Her husband is known at the city gates,
where he sits among the elders of the land.(z)
24 She makes and sells linen garments;
she delivers belts[p] to the merchants.
25 Strength(aa) and honor are her clothing,(ab)
and she can laugh at the time to come.(ac)
26 She opens her mouth with wisdom
and loving instruction[q] is on her tongue.
27 She watches over the activities of her household(ad)
and is never idle.[r]
28 Her sons rise up and call her blessed.
Her husband also praises her:
29 "Many women[s] are capable,
but you surpass them all!"(ae)
30 Charm is deceptive and beauty is fleeting,(af)
but a woman who fears the Lord will be praised.
31 Give her the reward of her labor,[t]
and let her works praise her at the city gates.

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