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E.W. Bullinger's Companion Bible Notes
Psalms 49



Verse 1

Title. A Psalm. The sixth of nine so ascribed. Hebrew. mizmor. See App-65.

Korah. See App-63.

people = peoples.

world = age = transitoriness. Hebrew. heled = the world as transitory, as in Psalms 17:14. Compare Psalms 39:5, "age"; Psalms 89:47, "time". Job 11:17. These are all the occurrences.

Verse 2

low = sons of "adam. App-14.

high = sons of ish. App-14.

poor = helpless. Hebrew. "ebyon. See note on Proverbs 6:11,

together = alike.

Verse 4

dark = deep.

Verse 5

days of evil. His were in Matthew 26:38. Luke 22:44, Luke 22:53. John 12:27. Hebrews 5:7.

evil. Hebrew. ra"a". App-44.

iniquity = perverseness. Hebrew "avah. App-41.

of my heels: or, my footsteps. Put by Figure of speech Synecdoche (of Part), for the whole person, in order to call attention to, and thus emphasize, the reference to Genesis 3:15. When our iniquities were laid upon Christ, then He was vulnerable and was wounded for our transgressions.

Verse 6

trust. Hebrew. batah. See App-69.

Verse 7

None = no man. Hebrew. "ish. App-14.

by any means redeem. Hebrew Figure of speech Polyptoton (App-6) = "redeeming will redeem".

redeem = deliver by power. Hebrew. padah. See notes on Exodus 6:6 with Exodus 13:13.

his brother. Some codices read "surely" instead of "a brother". In this case the two lines read, "Surely no man (Hebrew. "ish) can redeem, nor give to God atonement for himself".

God. Hebrew. Elohim. App-4.

a ransom = atonement. Hebrew. kapher. See Genesis 6:14 ("pitch"). Exodus 29:33.

him = himself.

Verse 8

redemption = Hebrew. padah, as "redeem", in Psalms 49:7.

their soul = them. Hebrew. nephesh. App-13.

precious = costly, or, so costly is it that, &c.

it = the redemption of themselves.

Verse 9

That, &c. Connect this with the end of Psalms 49:7.

still live for ever = live on continually.

corruption. Hebrew. sahath = destruction (with Art.): i.e. in the grave.

Verse 10

he seeth = it must be seen.

And leave = They leave. Homonym: "azab. See note on Exodus 23:5; or, fortify, or strengthen by increasing or laying them up.

Verse 12

man. Hebrew. "adam. App-14. This corresponds with Psalms 49:20. See the Structure, above.

Verse 13

Selah. Connecting the fact of Psalms 49:14 with their thought of verses: Psalms 49:11, Psalms 49:12, and explaining the folly of Psalms 49:13. See App-66.

Verse 14

the grave. Hebrew. Sheol. App-35. Occurs three times in this Psalm, verses: Psalms 49:14, Psalms 49:15.

feed on them = shepherd them. Figure of speech Prosopopoeia.

the morning: i.e. the resurrection morning = the "first" resurrection of Revelation 20:6; resurrection of "life" (John 5:29); "the just" (Acts 24:15). Luke 14:14. Daniel 12:2. &c.

from their dwelling: i.e. [far] from their [former] lofty house. Hebrew. zabal, from similar Assyrian root = lofty [house], in contrast with "the grave". See note on 1 Kings 8:13.

Verse 15

my soul = me, myself. Hebrew. nephesh. App-13.

the power of the grave = the hand of Sheol; "hand" being put by Figure of speech Metonymy (of Cause).

receive me = take me out of [Sheol]; same word as "carry away" in Psalms 49:17. Compare Psalms 50:9; Psalms 73:24; Psalms 78:70.

Selah. Connecting the fear and the folly of the hopeless man with the true hope and wisdom which takes away fear. See App-66.

Verse 16

Be not thou afraid. This, with Psalms 49:5, gives the scope of the Psalm. See the Structure (p. 767).

one = a man. Hebrew. "ish.

Verse 17

carry . . . away. See note on "receive", Psalms 49:15.

Verse 18

Though = For.

his soul = himself. Hebrew. nephesh.

And men will praise = And [though] men praise thee when, &c.

Verse 19

He shall = [Yet] he shall, &c, continuing from Psalms 49:18.

his: i.e. the man"s.

They: i.e. those fathers.


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Bullinger, Ethelbert William. "Commentary on Psalms 49:4". "E.W. Bullinger's Companion bible Notes". 1909-1922.

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