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John Dummelow's Commentary on the Bible
Ezekiel 43



Verses 1-27

The Restoration of the Temple Worship

This chapter describes God's return to the Temple (Ezekiel 43:1-12), and His directions as to the construction (Ezekiel 43:13-17), and dedication (Ezekiel 43:18-26) of the altar of burnt offering. When these directions were carried out God's sacrificial intercourse with Israel would be resumed (Ezekiel 43:27). The outer eastern gateway, by which God's glory returned, was to be permanently shut (Ezekiel 44:1-8).

(a) God's Return to the Temple (Ezekiel 43:1-12)

Ezekiel, standing at the outer E. gate, saw the appearance of God's glory in the same form in which he had beheld it in previous visions. It came from the E., and entered the Temple by the gate on that side, the same by which it had formerly departed (Ezekiel 10:19; Ezekiel 11:22-23). Ezekiel was then brought to the inner court, where he saw the glory filling the Temple as in Ezekiel 10:4. A voice from within the Temple announced that God would now dwell for ever in the midst of His people, and that His sanctuary would no longer be defiled as of old by the people's wickedness, or by the nearness of the royal palace and sepulchres. Ezekiel was further directed to make known the plan and ordinances of the new Temple to the people.

6. The man] RV 'a man', the divine voice personified.

7. Whoredom] a figure for idolatry: see Ezekiel 6:9; Ezekiel 16, 23. High places] RM 'death.'

Carcases, etc.] The royal sepulchres were in the vicinity of Solomon's Temple..

8. Solomon's palace and Temple were close together, and formed practically a single group of buildings. In Ezekiel's vision of the future the city stood far away from the Temple: see Ezekiel 48:15-17.

(b) Measurements of the Altar of Burnt Offering (Ezekiel 43:13-18)

The altar (Fig. 3, P) was to have a base (abst, Fig. 6) a cubit high (ab, ts) and a cubit broad (bc, rs). This base was to have a border a span in height (b, s). Above this was to be


the lower settle (cdpr), 2 cubits high (ed, rp) and a cubit broad (de, op). Next was to come the greater settle (efno), 4 cubits high (ef, on) and a cubit broad (fg, mn). Highest of all was to be the upper altar (ghlm), 4 cubits high, and having a square top 12 cubits each way (hl). There were to be horns (hi, kl) at the four corners. The upper settle would form a square 14 cubits each way (fn). The whole height of the altar, excluding the horns, would be 11 cubits (nearly 20 ft.), and the top of the altar was to be reached by stairs on the E. side.

13. Higher place] RV 'base',

15. So the altar] RV 'and the upper altar', From the altar] RV 'from the altar hearth': so in Ezekiel 43:16.

16. Squares] RV 'sides': so in Ezekiel 43:17.

17. The border about it] is probably not a border about the settle, but a border about the base described in Ezekiel 43:13. The three last clauses of Ezekiel 43:17 refer to the altar as a whole.

(c) The Consecration of the Altar (Ezekiel 43:18-27)

Seven days would be required for this. Each day a he-goat was to be sacrificed as a sin-offering, and a ram and a young bullock were to be sacrificed as burnt offerings. On the first day a young bullock was to take the place of the he-goat. These vv. may be compared with Exodus 29:36-37; Leviticus 8:11; Leviticus 15:33.

20. Purge] RV 'make atonement for': so in Leviticus 15:26.

22. Kid of the goats] RV 'he-goat.'

26. Themselves] RV 'it.'

(d) The Closing of the Outer Eastern Gate (Ezekiel 44:1-3)

This gateway, by which God's glory had returned to the Temple, was to be permanently shut thereafter. The prince, however, might use it for sacrificial meals, entering it by the porch (Fig. 1, d) from the outer court, and leaving it by the same way.


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