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1 Chronicles 25

Clarke's CommentaryClarke Commentary

Verse 1


The number and offices of the singers and players on musical

instruments; and their division by lot into twenty-four

courses, 1-31.


Verse 1 Chronicles 25:1. David and the captains of the host — The chiefs of those who formed the several orders: not military captains.

Should prophesy — Should accompany their musical instruments with prayer and singing.

Verse 2

Verse 1 Chronicles 25:2. Which prophesied — Sung hymns and prayed. But the Targum understands this of prophesying in the proper sense of the term; and therefore says, "Who prophesied by the Holy Spirit." Jarchi is of the same opinion and quotes the case of Elisha, 2 Kings 3:15; While the minstrel played, the hand of the Lord [i.e., the spirit of prophecy] was upon him.

Verse 3

Verse 1 Chronicles 25:3. The sons of Jeduthun-six — That is, six with their father, otherwise, there are but five. Hence it is said, they were under the hands of their father Jeduthun, who prophesied with a harp, &c.

Verse 5

Verse 1 Chronicles 25:5. To lift up the horn — "The horn of prophecy," says Jarchi; "to sound with the trumpet in the words of prophecy before the Lord."-T.

Three daughters. — These also were employed among the singers.

Verse 7

Verse 1 Chronicles 25:7. Two hundred fourscore and eight. — That it twelve classes of twenty-four Levites each; for two hundred and eighty-eight divided by twelve quotes twenty-four.

Verse 9

Verse 1 Chronicles 25:9. For Asaph to Joseph — His first-born.

The second to Gedaliah — The first-born of Jeduthun.

Verse 10

Verse 1 Chronicles 25:10. The third to Zaccur — The first-born of Asaph.

Verse 11

Verse 1 Chronicles 25:11. The fourth to Izri — The second son of Jeduthun.

Verse 12

Verse 1 Chronicles 25:12. The fifth to Nethaniah — The third son of Asaph. Thus we find the lot did not run in any particular kind of order.

Verse 14

Verse 1 Chronicles 25:14. Jesharelah — Supposed to be the same with Uzziel, son of Heman.

Verse 31

Verse 31. Romamti-ezer — Both these names belong to the same person. He is mentioned also 1 Chronicles 25:4.

With this immense parade of noise and show, (David's own invention,) Christianity has nothing to do.

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Clarke, Adam. "Commentary on 1 Chronicles 25". "The Adam Clarke Commentary". https://www.studylight.org/commentaries/eng/acc/1-chronicles-25.html. 1832.
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