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1 Corinthians 9

Verse 1

The subject here changes, this chapter consisting of the apostle's vindication of himself, and of the elevation and disinterestedness of his motives, against certain aspersions which, it would seem, (1 Corinthians 9:3,) had been cast upon him by some persons at Corinth

Verse 2

Are ye; the church at Corinth having been founded through his ministry.

Verse 3

That do examine me; that call in question my conduct.

Verse 4

To eat and to drink; that is, at the charge of the church.

Verse 5

The brethren of the Lord. They are mentioned as disciples in Acts 1:14.--Cephas; Peter.

Verse 6

Working; laboring for their support, as Paul was accustomed to do. (Acts 18:3,20:34.)

Verse 8

As a man; on my own human authority.

Verse 9

It is written; in Deuteronomy 25:4. This was the ancient mode of threshing or separating grain from the ear.--Doth God take care for oxen? and not for men?

Verse 11

Reap your carnal things; receive from you the necessary supplies for our temporal wants.

Verse 13

They which minister, &c.; the priests. Provision was made for the support of the priests out of the offerings from the temple.

Verse 15

My glorying; my claim to disinterestedness of motive in my ministry.

Verse 17

A dispensation of the gospel; a commission to preach the gospel.--Is committed unto me; remaining with me; that is, the obligation still rests upon me. I cannot be released from it.

Verse 18

Abuse not my power. Had he exercised his right to claim a support, it might have been an injury to the progress of the gospel.

Verse 20

I became as a Jew; I conformed to their customs and ideas.

Verse 21

To them that are without law; the Gentiles.--As without law; not urging upon them Jewish ideas and usages.--Not without law to God; that is, he did not mean by his being without law, that he was absolved from the moral obligation of the law of God.

Verse 24

Such athletic games as are here referred to were very often celebrated in the Grecian cities.

Verse 25

For the mastery; for the victory in these games.--Is temperate, &c.; in his preparatory training.--A corruptible crown; transitory and perishable honor.

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