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1 Kings 4

Bridgeway Bible CommentaryBridgeway Bible Commentary

Verses 1-34

The administration of the kingdom (4:1-34)

Details are now given of how Solomon administered Israel. First the leading religious, civil and army officials are listed (4:1-6). Solomon revised the taxation system by dividing the country into twelve zones, each of which had to provide the royal household with all its food supplies for one month of the year. These twelve zones apparently replaced the former tribal areas (7-19).
Neighbouring nations that had become part of the Israelite empire also paid taxes, and so enriched Solomon further. Israel as a nation enjoyed peace and prosperity (20-21). The monthly food supply was enormous, for it had to maintain not only the royal family and government officials, but also the army (22-28).
Because of his wisdom, Solomon was famous in countries far and near. People made collections of his proverbs and songs, and many travelled to Israel to hear his wisdom (29-34).

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