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Ezekiel 9

Bridgeway Bible CommentaryBridgeway Bible Commentary

Verses 1-11

Execution of the sinners (9:1-11)

God’s punishment of Jerusalem was illustrated by a vision in which God sent his executioners to carry out his work of judgment on the sinful people. First, however, he sent a special servant to put a mark on those who opposed the city’s wickedness, so that they might be preserved through the coming bloodshed (9:1-4). The first place where the judgment fell was the temple, where the nation’s leaders had led the people astray with their wickedness and idolatry. The temple was soon defiled with the corpses scattered around its courts (5-7).
The northern kingdom had been destroyed long ago, and now many from the southern kingdom were killed or taken captive. Ezekiel feared that with the slaughter in Jerusalem the last remains of the ancient nation would be wiped out (8). God assured the prophet that his judgment was just. The people acted as if God did not matter; now they were to suffer the consequences. But safety was guaranteed for those believers who stood firm for God amid the nationwide ungodliness (9-11).

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