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Bible Commentaries

Box's Commentaries on Selected Books of the Bible

2 Corinthians 1

Verses 7-11

God will deliver us 2Co_1:7-11 : Paul was not disappointed in the spiritual strength of the Corinthian brethren. They had remained steadfast in much suffering and he wanted them to have the assurance that the comfort of God would be theirs. After receiving the first letter from Paul these brethren had worked to correct the problems that were in the church there. Now they are encouraged to continue faithful even in spite of great tribulations that would come upon them. Paul reminded them of how God had delivered him and others out of sufferings that were so unbearable that death seemed certain. God delivered him and He would deliver these brethren also.

Paul had feared death. Things did not turn out that way. God saved Him from the threat of death. This gave Paul a renewed faith in the power of God. He knew that God would do that again and again. We should take heart in the truth that God will deliver us from those things that threaten us. Paul saw the value of prayer when facing trials. He asked the brethren to pray for him to stay strong in the face of trials. This would encourage many others to thank God for blessing of answered prayers.

Verses 12-18

Paul's Change of Plans 2Co_1:12-18 : Paul could rejoice because he had a clear conscience. He lived a simple, honest life with godly sincerity. His desire in all things was to be controlled by the will of God. Paul wanted to live godly before people of the world and especially before the Corinthian brethren where he had worked so hard. He wrote to the brethren concerning these things in a very simple and understandable way. He hoped they would read and understand completely what he had written. The reaction of the brethren to Paul's first letter showed that they had largely understood and accepted his message as truth.

The confidence that Paul felt in these brethren had to do with the fact that he knew they would and had accepted the truth that he had previously written to them. He felt he could be even more helpful to them in imparting spiritual gifts if he was able to make two visits instead of only one. The two visits Paul had hoped to make included a brief stop at Corinth on his way to Macedonia and then a longer visit on his return. He would then go to Judea and he hoped that these brethren might help him on his way. Paul did not want these brethren to think that he was fickled because he did not follow through on these plans. He was neither flighty nor was he trying to please men. Paul wanted the brethren to understand that God can be trusted to keep His promises and so can he.

Verses 19-24

A desire to spare them 2Co_1:19-24 : The promises of Jesus and His commandments left no doubt. Therefore, those that preach Him cannot mani-fest a fickle spirit in their preaching either. Jesus, the Son, is to be accepted as reliable because He is working in harmony with God, the Father. God's promises are backed by the authority of heaven. Each command and promise from heaven is related to God's glory. Paul told the Corinthians, "God makes it possible for you and us to stand firmly together with Christ." Paul gave God credit for what was done at Corinth. It was also God that had anointed them with the miraculous spiritual gifts. Paul said that, "God put His Spirit in our hearts to show that we belong only to Him." God gave the Holy Spirit as an earnest or guarantee of the promised inheritance of the faithful.

Paul called God as a witness to affirm that he had stayed away from Corinth to keep from being to hard on them. He had changed his plans about an earlier visit to Corinth. This would allow them more time for study of the first epistle and more opportunity to make the necessary corrections to be right with God. If these things were not corrected the congregation would face severe chastisement. Paul was not a tyrant over the faith of these brethren but he would insist on these brethren changing their conduct to conform to the will of God.

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