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1 Chronicles 13

Verse 2

congregation = military assembly, or muster.

that be. Supply the Ellipsis (App-6), "If it be".

brethren. So the true David calls them (Hebrews 2:11).

Verse 3

the ark of our God. Note its titles in these two books of Chronicles: the Ark, fifteen times; the Ark of God, twelve times; the Ark of the Lord, four times; the Ark of the Covenant of God, once; the Ark of Thy strength, once; the holy Ark, once; the Ark of our God, once. Forty-six in all. See note on Exodus 25:22.

enquired not at it. Hebrew. darash, to seek diligently. See note on 1 Chronicles 10:13.

Verse 5

Shihor. Not the Nile, but the brook (or Wady) of Egypt (Numbers 34:5. Joshua 15:4, Joshua 15:47) = El Arish.

entering of Hemath = the pass of Hemath, on the extreme north (Numbers 34:8).

Verse 6

Kirjath-jearim. Compare 2 Samuel 6:2, where it is Baale of Judah.

God. Elohim (with Art.) = the [true] God. App-4.

Whose name is called on it = where His Name is invoked.

Verse 7

a new cart. See note on 1 Samuel 6:7. 2 Samuel 6:3.

drave = were leading beside: or, escorting.

Verse 8

with all their might. Compare 2 Samuel 6:5. No need to arbitrarily make this correspond. They are two independent books, complementary in their information.

and. Note the Figure of speech Polysyndeton (App-6) in this verse, emphasizing each item.

timbrels. See note on Exodus 15:20.

cymbals. Hebrew. meziltayim: two metal discs, making a clashing sound. Always so rendered. Not to be confounded (as in Authorized Version and Revised Version) with zilzelim = timbrels, which make a rustling sound, but rendered "cymbals" in 2 Samuel 6:5. Psalms 150:5.

Verse 9

Chidon. See 2 Samuel 6:6; where he has another name, Nachon.

Verse 10

Uzza. See 2 Samuel 6:6, 2 Samuel 6:7.

died before God. Showing the sin of disobeying the Divine commands.

Verse 11

displeased = grieved, sad.

Verse 13

brought not the ark home. See 2 Samuel 6:10, 2 Samuel 6:11.

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