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1 Chronicles 17

Verse 1

as David = according as David. Compare 2 Samuel 7:1-3 with the royal title "king". Here the personal name, "David". The two accounts are complementary.

the ark. See notes on 1 Chronicles 13:3, and Exodus 25:22.

remaineth. Better supply. Ellipsis with "dwelleth".

Verse 2

God. Hebrew. Elohim.(with Art.) App-4.

Verse 3

Nathan. Some codices, with Syriac, add "the prophet".

Verse 4

Thou Shalt not build, or, "Thou art not he who shall build. "

an = the.

Verse 5

Israel. Some codices, with six early printed editions, read "the sons of Israel".

Verse 6

walked = walked to and fro.

judges., 2 Samuel 7:7 = "tribes". These could "feed" only by judges, so both agree.

My People. Western MSS. read "Ammi = My People. The Eastern MSS. read "Ammo = His People.

Verse 8

a name. Some codices, with Syriac, read "a great name", as in 2 Samuel 7:9.

Verse 9

children = sons.

wickedness. Hebrew. "aval. App-44.

waste them = wear them out. Some codices, with three early printed editions, read "cause them to languish".

Verse 11

go to be. Septuagint reads "sleep" (2 Samuel 7:12).

Verse 13

mercy = lovingkindness, or, grace.

Verse 14

Mine . . . My., 2 Samuel 7:16 = Thine . . . Thy. Both alike, for the kingdom was David"s because it was God"s gift to him.

Verse 16

Who am I? Figure of speech Erotesis. App-6. See notes on 2 Samuel 7:18.

hitherto = to this point.

Verse 17

regarded. Compare "art mindful" of Psalms 8:4.

estate. Hebrew. tor, abbreviation of torah = law. See note on 2 Samuel 7:19.

a man. Hebrew. ha-adam = the Man, of Psalms 8:5, Psalms 8:6, Who is to have dominion over all the earth.

Verse 20

none like Thee. This is ever the worship rendered by all true worshippers. See note on 1 Samuel 2:2.

Verse 21

God. Hebrew. ha-"Elohim, the [great] God. App-6.

redeem . . . redeemed. See notes on Exodus 6:6; Exodus 13:13.

Thee = for Thyself.

Verse 23

as = according as.

Verse 25

hast told = revealed to the ear.

Verse 27

bless . . . blessest . . . blessed. Figure of speech Polyptoton App-6.

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