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1 Chronicles 21

Verse 1

Satan. See note on 2 Samuel 24:1.

trespass = guilt. See Exodus 30:11-16. The Tabernacle was erected with the ransom paid for 600,000. The site of the Temple obtained at the cost of 70,000 souls.

Verse 5

the sum. See note on 2 Samuel 24:9.

Verse 7

God. Hebrew. Elohim.(with Art.) = the [true] God. App-4.

Verse 8

sinned. Hebrew. chata". App-44. David"s repentance and confession preceded Gad"s visit to him.

iniquity = perverseness.

Verse 12

three years. See note on 2 Samuel 24:13.

be destroyed. Septuagint and Vulgate read "flee", as in 2 Samuel 24:13.

coasts = borders.

Verse 13

great = many.

Verse 18

He repented. Figure of speech Anthropopatheia. App-6.

Oman:or Araunah in 2Sa 24.

Verse 22

the place. Hebrew. makom, as in Ruth 4:10. Referring to the whole place, afterward the Temple area. Not Hebrew. goren, as in 2 Samuel 24:24, which was merely the threshingfloor, as in Ruth 3:2. Hence 600 shekels of gold for the former, but only 50 shekels of silver for the latter. Two distinct transactions.

Verse 23

threshing instruments = threshing sledges composed of balks of timber, with sharp stones or iron spikes beneath. Compare Isaiah 41:15. 2 Samuel 24:22. Hebrew. morag. Called to-day in Palestine moarej.

meat offering = meal offering. Hebrew. minchah, gift offering. App-43.

Verse 24

offer = offer up. Hebrew. "alah. App-43.

Verse 26

from heaven by fire. All sacrifices accepted by God were consumed by fire from heaven, not kindled on earth. See note on Genesis 4:4.

Verse 27

sheath. Occurs only here.

Verse 28

he sacrificed there; i.e. by the priests.

Verse 29

tabernacle = dwelling-place. Hebrew. mishkan.

Gibeon. Compare 1 Chronicles 16:39. 2 Chronicles 1:3. 1 Kings 3:4.

Verse 30

afraid: i.e. afraid [to delay] because, &c. Otherwise Gibeon was only about eight miles away.

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