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Bible Commentaries
2 Kings 5

Bullinger's Companion Bible NotesBullinger's Companion Notes

Verse 1

Naaman. Note the five servants in this chapter: 1. The King's servant (Naaman) 2 Kings 5:1 . 2. Naaman's wife's servant (the maid), 2 Kings 5:2 . 3. Jehovah's servant (Elisha), 2 Kings 5:8 . 4. Naaman's servants (2 Kings 5:13 ). 5. The Prophet's servant (Gehazi), 2 Kings 5:20 .

was = had come to be.

by him. An unconscious instrument.

the LORD. Hebrew. Jehovah. App-4 .

deliverance. Probably from the Assyrians.

but, &c. Figure of speech Anesis. App-6 .

a leper. Compare Leviticus 13:0 . Not regarded ceremonially by heathen. Not far gone (2 Kings 5:19 ). Probably only in initial stage. One of nine so afflicted. See note on Exodus 4:6 . The story of Naaman may be compared with the parallel in John 9:0 .

Verse 2

companies = marauding bands. Compare 2 Kings 6:23 .

Verse 3

Would God, &c. Figure of speech Ejaculatio. App-6 .

in Samaria. This is the girl's expression. Samaria was where she had heard of him.

Verse 5

king of Israel. Probably Jehoram.

talents. See App-51 .

changes of raiment. See Genesis 45:22 .

Verse 6

recover. A Homonym, with another meaning, to snatch away or destroy, as in Psalms 26:9 and Jeremiah 16:5 . See notes there.

Verse 7

Am I God . . . ? Figure of speech Erotesis. App-6 .

God. Hebrew. Elohim. (the Creator). App-4 .

Verse 8

man of God. See App-49 .

Verse 9

door = entrance.

Verse 10

Go and wash. Compare John 9:7 , and other commands: "Go, call" (John 4:16 ); "Go, sell" (Matthew 19:21 ).

wash = bathe (ceremonially). See note on Leviticus 14:9 .

Verse 11

I thought. Compare 2 Kings 5:15 , "Now I know". Human thought and Divine certitude.

strike = wave, move, or pass.

Verse 12

Are not. ? Figure of speech Erotesis. App-6 .

Abana. Some codices, and three early printed editions, read "Amana".

rivers. Hebrew. nahar , an ever-flowing stream. (Not nahal, a summer stream.) Rising in Mount Hermon and losing themselves in a lake near Damascus.

Damascus. Used of the district, or of the city near which they flowed and were known.

in a rage. One of eleven rulers offended with God's servants for speaking the truth. See note on Exodus 10:28 .

Verse 13

servants. Again used by God. Compare verses: 2 Kings 5:2-4 .

My father. A title of honour and affection.

Verse 14

came again. The tenth miracle of Elisha. See note on 2 Kings 2:15 .

child = boy.

Verse 15

returned. About thirty miles.

now I know. Compare "Behold, I thought", 2 Kings 5:11 .

take = accept.

blessing = a present. Compare Genesis 33:11 .Judges 1:15 .

Verse 16

before, &c. A phrase referring to priesthood, for the sacrifices Naaman speaks of (2 Kings 5:17 ).

Verse 17

earth = soil. Naaman may have heard of Exodus 20:24 .

offer = prepare. See App-43 .

Verse 18

Simmon. The Assyrian storm-god Ramman.

worship = bow down himself. leaneth. Compare 2Ki 7:2 , 2 Kings 7:17 .

the LORD pardon = Jehovah pardon. Some codices add "I pray thee", but marked "to be cancelled".

Verse 19

Go in peace. God's servants are not "directors of conscience", but ministers of His Word. To have sanctioned it would have recognized idolatry. To have forbidden it would have put Naaman under a yoke to Elisha. It was for Naaman to decide whether he could do this thing, and be at "peace".

a little way. A phrase found only here and Genesis 35:16 with Genesis 48:7 . = a stone's throw.

Verse 20

servant = young man.

somewhat = a trifle.

Verse 21

Is all well? Hebrew Is it peace?

Verse 22

mount Ephraim. There were two schools of the prophets there: Beth-el and Gilgal. Compare 2 Kings 2:1 ; 2 Kings 2:3 .

Verse 23

take = accept. Some codices, with one early printed edition, read "and accept".

Verse 26

Went not . . . ? Figure of speech Erotesis. = Did not my heart beat?

Verse 27

cleave. Elisha's eleventh miracle. See note on 2 Kings 2:15 .

a leper. One of the nine afflicted with leprosy. See note on Exodus 4:6 .

as snow. i.e. completely a leper; but not clean ceremonially. See note on Leviticus 13:13 .

Bibliographical Information
Bullinger, Ethelbert William. "Commentary on 2 Kings 5". "Bullinger's Companion bible Notes". https://www.studylight.org/commentaries/eng/bul/2-kings-5.html. 1909-1922.
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