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Bible Commentaries
Daniel 6

Bullinger's Companion Bible NotesBullinger's Companion Notes

Verse 1

Darius . A careful study of App-57 will show that this "Darius the Median" of Daniel 5:31 is the Artaxerxes (the great king) of Nehemiah 2:1 and Ezra 6:14 , and the Ahasuerus of Esther 1:1 . These names are all used of one and the same person; and by comparison of the Median kings, according to Herodotus, compared with the genealogy of Cyrus in his Cuneiform Cylinder, the important fact becomes clear that this man was ASTYAGES; and the names ARSAMES = CAMBYSES, common to Herodotus, the Behistun Rock, and the Cylinder of Cyrus, all refer to one and the same person. If this be so, and ASTYAGES is to be identified with "DARIUS the Median", then all difficulty vanishes. The Scripture record harmonizes exactly with the accounts given in the three sources named above; and we have the real clue to the parentage of Cyrus the Great ( App-57 ). If this be not so, then "Darius the Median" remains an insoluble riddle to history and chronology alike, for there can be found no place for him on the page of history.

an hundred and twenty . Darius Hystaspis, in his inscription on the Behistun Rock ( App-57 ), enumerates twenty-three names. This number was continually altered according to historical changes and conquests. In Esther 1:10 , Esther 1:13 , Esther 1:14 , there were seven when Astyages took the kingdom; but he added 120 more (Daniel 6:1 ), and made 127 (Esther 1:1 ; Esther 8:9 ; Esther 9:30 ).

princes = satraps. As in Daniel 3:2 .

Verse 2

presidents = ministers. Occurs only in this chapter.

Verse 3

preferred . . . the king thought . Showing that Daniel was well known to Astyages, and appreciated.

an excellent spirit . Referring to the affectionate regard in which Astyages held Daniel after many years of faithful service.

spirit . Hebrew. ruach. App-9 .

thought = purposed. Chaldee. 'ashith. Occurs only here (426 B. C), Daniel being eighty-seven.

Verse 4

occasion = pretext.

Verse 5

God . Chaldee. 'elah. Same as Hebrew. 'elohim. App-4 .

Verse 6

assembled = came crowding together.

Verse 7

governors = deputies.

counsellors . See note on Daniel 3:24 .

captains = pashas. See Daniel 3:2 , Daniel 3:3 , Daniel 3:27 . Compare Esther 3:12 , &c. Nehemiah 2:7 , &c.; and Ezra 5:3 , &c. Also Haggai 1:1 , Haggai 1:14 ; Haggai 2:2 , Haggai 2:21 . Mai. Daniel 1:8 .

to establish a royal statute: or, for the king to establish a statute.

make a firm decree: or, confirm a decree. Occurs only in this chapter.

decree = interdict. Chaldee ' esar . The same word as in verses: Daniel 6:8 , Daniel 6:9 , Daniel 6:12 , Daniel 8:13 , Daniel 8:15 . Not the same as in Daniel 6:26 .

ask a petition = pray a prayer. Figure of speech Polyptoton ( App-6 ), for emphasis. Compare Daniel 6:12 . Occurs only in this chapter.

man . Chaldee. 'enash. Same as Hebrew. 'enosh. App-14 .

Verse 8

which altereth not = which changeth not, or passeth not away.

Verse 10

his house. Not into a secret, or public place.

toward Jerusalem . Remembering Solomon's prayer (1 Kings 8:47-50 ).

Verse 13

children = sons. maketh his petition = prayeth a prayer. Same as in Daniel 6:7 .

Verse 14

with himself = concerning it.

laboured = was exerting himself

Verse 17

mouth = door.

lords = nobles. See note on "lords" (Daniel 5:1 ), and "princes" (Daniel 5:2 ).

Verse 18

passed the night fasting . Showing the long-standing affection which Astyages had for Daniel.

instruments of musick . Some understand the word as referring to "tables"; others, women or dancing girls.

Verse 19

very early, &c Another evidence of the king's strong feelings for Daniel.

Verse 22

sent His angel . As in Daniel 3:28 .

innocency = rectitude, or purity. See the Structure, p. 1178.

Verse 23

exceeding glad . Another proof of the long-standing friendship between Astyages and Daniel.

believed in = had trusted. Chald, 'aman. Same as App-69 .

Verse 24

accused . Compare Daniel 6:12 .Esther 7:10 . Psalms 7:15-17 .

Verse 25

people = peoples. Compare Daniel 3:29 .

Verse 26

decree . Chaldee. te ' am = a decision, implying the pleasure or approval with which it was made.

God . Chaldee. 'elaha (emphatic).

Verse 27

power = paw.

Verse 28

Cyrus the Persian . The son of Darius the Mede. He is the young Darius, his father Astyages being the old Darius, "Darius" meaning "the Maintainer". Compare Isaiah 45:1 . See App-57 .

Bibliographical Information
Bullinger, Ethelbert William. "Commentary on Daniel 6". "Bullinger's Companion bible Notes". https://www.studylight.org/commentaries/eng/bul/daniel-6.html. 1909-1922.
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