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Deuteronomy 34

Verse 1

the LORD. Hebrew. Jehovah. Compare App-4.

shewed him = caused him to see. Compare Matthew 4:8. Luke 4:5.

Dan. Compare Genesis 14:14. Not Judges 18:29.

Verse 2

utmost sea. Called "the great sea". See Joel 2:20, and Zechariah 14:8, where Authorized Version and Revised Version not correct.

Verse 3

south = the "Negeb". See note on Genesis 12:8, Genesis 12:9; Genesis 13:3, &c.

Verse 4

said. See note on Deuteronomy 2:9.

I sware. See Genesis 12:7; Genesis 13:17; and compare Deuteronomy 3:27.

unto Abraham. All three Patriarchs named.

Verse 5

Moses the servant of the LORD. First occurrence. Occurs eighteen times. See Joshua 1:1, Joshua 1:13, Joshua 1:15; Joshua 8:31, Joshua 8:33; Joshua 11:12; Joshua 12:6, Joshua 12:6; Joshua 13:8; Joshua 14:7; Joshua 18:7; Joshua 22:2, Joshua 22:4, Joshua 22:5; 2 Kings 18:12. 2 Chronicles 1:3; 2 Chronicles 24:6; and compare Hebrews 3:1-6. Compare for other variations of Moses as a servant, Exodus 14:31. Numbers 12:7. 1 Kings 8:53.

word. Hebrew mouth. Figure of speech Metonymy (of Cause), App-6, put for what is spoken by it.

Verse 6

He buried him = Jehovah buried Moses. Said of no other. Hence, when raised for the Transfiguration, Satan, who has the power of death (Hebrews 2:14), "contended" with Michael about his body, Jude 1:9. So God has buried the Law for those who, being "in Christ", have died and are dead to the Law. Compare Romans 6:2, Romans 6:6-8; Romans 7:1-5, Romans 7:6 (margin).

man. Hebrew. "ish. App-14.

an hundred and twenty years old. Moses died the youngest of any of his kindred, e.g. Levi was 137, Kohath 133, Amram 137, Aaron 123, Miriam 126 or more.

natural force = moisture, or freshness.

Verse 8

children = sons.

thirty days. The mourning lasted from thirtieth day of the eleventh month (Sebat) till the twenty-ninth (and last) day of the twelfth month (Adar). See App-51. Thus the forty years were completed: from 1st Abib, 1491., See App-50.

Verse 9

Joshua. Compare Numbers 27:23.

spirit. Hebrew. ruach. App-9.

as = according as.

Verse 10

a prophet. Figure of speech Synecdoche (of Genus). App-6. A common name put for a proper name, Moses being the prophet. App-6.

face to face. Figure of speech Anthropopatheia. App-6. Compare Deuteronomy 6:4, Deuteronomy 6:5.

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