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Bible Commentaries

Bullinger's Companion Bible Notes

Exodus 1

Verse 1

Now. The conj. "now" = "and"; thus connecting Exodus closely with Genesis: Leviticus, Numbers, and Deut. begin in the same way. Thus the Pentateuch is one book. For the relation of Exodus to the other books of the Pentateuch, see App-1 .

names. Thus Redemption is connected with names. Compare Exodus 1:1-4 with Exodus 39:6 , Exodus 39:7 , Exodus 39:8-14 .

The Name of the Redeemer is published throughout. He reveals His name: Exodus 3:14 , Exodus 3:15 ; Exodus 6:3 ; Exodus 33:19 ; Exodus 34:5-7 . Moses speaks to Pharaoh in His name: Exodus 5:23 . Pharaoh raised up to add glory to it: Exodus 9:16 . Law given in the name of Jehovah: Exodus 20:2 . His name in the Angel: Exodus 23:21 . God knows Moses by his name: Exodus 33:12 , Exodus 33:17 . Bezaleel and Aholiab, &c.: Exo 31:26 ; Exodus 35:30 , Exodus 35:34 . Names of Israel's sons: Exodus 1:1-4 ; and Exodus 28:9-12 , Exodus 28:15-21 ; Exodus 39:6 , Exodus 39:7 , Exodus 39:8-14 .

children = sons; and so throughout O.T.

came into Egypt. Compare Genesis 46:0 .

man . Hebrew. 'ish. See App-14 .

Verse 2

Reuben. The order is the six sons of Leah, one of Rachel, two of Bilhah, and two of Zilpah. Note the Introversion of these four.

Verse 5

souls . Hebrew. nephesh ( App-13 ).

seventy . See on Genesis 46:26 , Deuteronomy 10:22 , and Acts 7:14 .

Verse 6

all . Levi survived him about twenty-three years. Compare Genesis 50:26 and Exodus 6:16 . Exodus 6:7 And. Note the Figure of speech Polysyndeton ( App-6 ), greatly emphasising each particular. Note five "ands", the number of grace. See App-10 .

fruitful ; as trees.

increased . Hebrew. swarmed, as fishes,

multiplied. Compare Genesis 1:28 .

exceeding. Figure of speech Epizeuxis ( App-6 ), repeated for emphasis. Hebrew. exceedingly. Figure of speech Epizeuxis ( App-6 ). Note the Figure of speech Synonymia ( App-6 ).

Verse 8

arose . Hebrew Kum, stood up. Always denotes a standing up in the place of another whom he removed. See Daniel 2:31 , Daniel 2:39 , Daniel 2:44 ; Daniel 3:24 .

new king = a fresh dynasty. "New "here is used in the sense of being quite different from what preceded. See Deuteronomy 32:17 . Judges 5:8 , and compare heteros in Acts 7:18 , "another "of a different kind [not allos, another of the same kind]. This Pharaoh was of a different race and dynasty, as shown by Josephus, who says "the crown being come into another family" (Antiquities ii, 9). He was the Assyrian of Isaiah 52:4 . See App-37 .

Verse 10

deal wisely = diplomatically. The wisdom of Egypt ended in Pharaoh having to bring up, educate, and prepare the very man who was to accomplish what he feared. Compare Job 5:13 .Proverbs 19:21 ; Proverbs 19:21 , Pro 19:30 , Psalms 33:10 , Psalms 33:11 . Zoan was the capital of Egypt, and noted for wisdom. But compare God's comment in Isaiah 19:11 , Isaiah 19:13 ; and Psalms 78:12 , Psalms 78:13 .

falleth out. Aramaean, Samaritan Pentateuch, and Septuagint read "befall us. "

Verse 11

taskmasters . Hebrew. sarei missim is Egyptian for chiefs of tribute, allotters and exactors of labour.

treasure cities = store cities. All now known and named.

Pithom is the Egyptian Pa-Tum, the abode of the god Tuna = the Greek Heroopolis = city of the store-houses.

Raamses. Said to be so called because built by Ramases II, but not certain.

Verse 12

multiplied and grew = increasingly multiplied. Figure of speech Hendiadys ( App-6 ).

grieved = filled with alarm.

Verse 13

with rigour = crushingly.

Verse 15

the king of Egypt . See App-37 .

Verse 16

them : i.e. the children.

stools . Hebrew "two stones". Probably the stone bath in which the children were bathed.

kill him. This was another assault of Satan, to destroy the male children, and so prevent "the seed of the woman "from coming into the world. See App-23 , But God intervened by providing the Hebrew midwives, and preserving and preparing Moses.

Verse 17

God . Hebrew. Eth ha-'Elohim, very emphatic for the true or triune God.

as = according as.

saved = suffered. . . . to live.

Verse 20

God . Hebrew. Elohim. App-4 .

Verse 21

houses = families. or progeny. Figure of speech Metonymy (of Subject). App-6 .

Verse 22

born . Samaritan Pentateuch, Targum of Onkelos, The Targum of Jonathan ben Uzziel, and Vulgate add "to the Hebrews. "

save alive = suffer to live.

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