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Bullinger's Companion Bible Notes

Genesis 23

Verse 1

Sarah. The only woman whose age is mentioned in the Bible. in Genesis 22:23 Rebekah is mentioned: one sun rising before the other sets.

Verse 2

Kirjath-arba. See notes on Numbers 13:22 , and App-25 .

Verse 3

before his dead. Heb leaning over the face of his dead. Figure of speech Pleonasm.

Verse 4

I am. Compare "thou art", Genesis 23:6 .

stranger and a sojourner. Compare 1 Peter 2:11 .Psalms 39:12 .

Verse 5

children. Hebrew. sons, and so elsewhere.

Verse 6

mighty prince. Hebrew. prince of El. Genitive of relation ( App-17 ), for Adjective. Compare Psalms 36:7 ; Psalms 80:10 .

Verse 8

mind = soul. Hebrew. nephesh, App-13 .

Verse 9

money . Hebrew silver.

buryingplace. What Jacob bought (Genesis 33:19 , Genesis 33:20 ) was for an altar.

Verse 10

dwelt. Hebrew was sitting there.

Verse 11

give I. Hebrew have I given. Figure of speech Antimereia (of Verb), past for present.

Verse 13

wilt give. Figure of speech Ellipsis. Supply "hast given" from Genesis 23:11 .

Verse 15

what is that. Figure of speech Erotesis. App-6 .

Verse 18

Abraham. This is not the purchase referred to in Genesis 33:19 and Acts 7:16 . Act 7:80 years between this purchase and Jacob's. See note on Acts 7:16 .

before all. Some Codices with Samaritan Pentateuch have "even before all".

Verse 20

made sure. This was all strictly in conformity with the commercial enactments of the Code of Khammurabi. See App-15 .

buryingplace. All that Abraham possessed; hut in the faith and hope of resurrection.

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