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Joshua 18

Verse 1

children = sons.

Shiloh = tranqaillity or rest. Compare Genesis 49:10; eight times in this book. See Joshua 18:1, Joshua 18:8, Joshua 18:9, Joshua 18:10; Joshua 19:51; Joshua 21:2; Joshua 22:9, Joshua 22:12. See note on Judges 18:31.

tabernacle. Hebrew "ohel" = tent (App-40). It remained here (Judges 21:12. 1 Samuel 1:3; 1 Samuel 3:3) till the Philistines took the ark (1 Samuel 4:11). In the days of Saul it was at Nob (of Benjamin, 1 Samuel 21:1; 1 Samuel 22:19), and at Gibson at beginning of Solomon"s reign (1 Kings 3:5. 2 Chronicles 1:3). Compare Psalms 78:60, Psalms 78:67, Psalms 78:68. Jeremiah 7:12.

Verse 3

the LORD, God = Jehovah Elohhm App-4.

Verse 4

men. Hebrew, plural of ish or enosh. App-14.

go through = walk to and fro.

Verse 5

divide it. Tracing the boundaries by the ravines, it is said that there is some resemblance in outline to the tribal signs, as given in notes on Numbers 2.

coast = boundary; put by Figure of speech Metonymy (of Adjunct) for territory. App-6.

Verse 6

describe = map out.

the description. The Figure of speech Ellipsis (App-6) here may be filled in by saying "the surveys or maps".

Moses the servant of the LORD See note on first occurrence, Deuteronomy 34:5.

Verse 8

walk. See note on "go", Joshua 18:4.

Verse 9

in a book. See note on Exodus 17:14 and App-47.

Verse 10

Joshua cast lots. He directing Eleazar the priest, without whom no lot could be cast. See note on Exodus 28:30. Numbers 26:55.

according to, Some codices, with five early printed editions, read "in their portions".

Verse 11

came forth. i.e. from the bag containing the Urim and Thummim, See note on Exodus 28:30. Numbers 26:55.

Verse 12

mountains = hill country.

Verse 16

giants. Hebrew. Rephaim. See note on Numbers 13:22. Deuteronomy 1:28. Also App-23and App-25.

Verse 18

Arabah. See note on Deuteronomy 1:1.

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