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Matthew 15

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Verse 1

came = come.

scribes, &c. = the scribes. Note the four parties addressed in this chapter: (1) scribes, &c. from Jerusalem, verses: Matthew 15:1-9 ; (2) the multitudes, verses: Matthew 15:10 , Matthew 15:11 ; (3) the disciples, verses: Matthew 15:12-14 ; (4) Peter, verses: Matthew 15:15-20 .

Pharisees. See App-120 . of = away from. Greek. apo.

Jerusalem. The seat of authority in these matters.

Verse 2

transgress. Greek. parabaino. App-128 .

the elders. Greek. presbuteroi. Always used in the Papyri officially, not of age (old men), but of communal officers and heathen priests.

wash not. To wash before eating is still a rigorous custom in Palestine. See App-136 .

bread. Put by Figure of speech Synecdoche (of Species), App-6 , for all kinds of food.

Verse 3

ye. Emphatic. Note the Figure of speech Anteisagoge.

also. Connect "also" with "ye", not with "transgress".

by = on account of. Greek. dia.

Verse 4

commanded. Quoted from Exodus 20:12 ; Exodus 20:21 .Exodus 20:17 . App-117 .

let him die the death = he shall surely die. Figure of speech Polyptoton. See Exodus 21:17 . Leviticus 20:9 . Deuteronomy 5:16 ; Deuteronomy 27:16 . Proverbs 30:17 .

Verse 5

It is. Supply ("Be that"] instead of "It is".

a gift = dedicated to God.

thou: i.e. the parent.

profited = helped.

by = of. Greek. ek.

me: i.e. the son.

Verse 6

And = And [in consequence of this evasion]. not = you certainly do not. Greek. ou me = by no means, in no wise.

he shall be free. There is no Ellipsis here if it be supplied as in Matthew 15:8 .

Verse 7

Esaias = Isaiah. See App-79 .

of = concerning. Greek. peri.

Verse 8

This people. Quoted from Isaiah 29:13 . See App-107 and App-117 .

is far = keepeth far distant.

from = away from. Greek. apo . App-104 .

Verse 9

teaching for doctrines. Greek teaching teachings. Figure of speech Polyptoton.

Verse 10

called = called to [Him].

the multitude. See note on "scribes", Matthew 15:1 .

Verse 11

into. Greek. eis. App-104 .

a = the.

out of. Greek. ek.

Verse 12

His disciples. See note on "scribes", Matthew 15:1 .

offended = stumbled.

saying. Greek. logos. See note on Mark 9:32 .

Verse 13

Every plant. Implying the scribes, &c, by the Figure of speech Hypocatastaais. See note on "dogs", Matthew 15:26 , and on "leaven" (Matthew 16:6 ).

plant. Greek. phuteia. Occurs only here.

heavenly. Greek. ouranios. See note on Matthew 6:14 .

Verse 14

they be, &c. Figure of speech Paroemia. App-6 .

if, &c.: i.e. experience will show it. App-118 .

Verse 15

Peter. See note on "scribes", &c, Matthew 15:1 .

Declare = Expound. See note on Matthew 13:36 .

Verse 16

yet = still. Greek. akmen. Occurs only here.

Verse 17

in at = into. Greek. eis. App-104 .

draught = sewer, or sink. Greek. aphedron, a Macedonian word.

Verse 18

But those, &c. Figure of speech Epimone, verses: 18-20.

from = out of. Greek. ek, as in preceding clause,

Verse 19

evil. Greek. poneros. App-128 .

thoughts = reasonings.

false witness. Greek. pseudomarturia. Occurs only in Matthew (here, and Matthew 26:59 ).

Verse 22

out of = from. Greek. apo.

the same = those.

coasts = borders.

Have mercy = Pity

Son Of David. The fourth of nine occurrences of this title ( App-98 ). The woman (a "dog" of the Gentiles) had no claim on the "Son of David". Hence the silence of the Lord.

grievously = miserably.

vexed with a devil = possessed by a demon; Greek. daimonizomai.

Verse 23

But, &c. Because a Gentile had no claim on the Son of David. Figure of speech Accismus. App-6 .

Verse 25

worshipped Him = threw herself at His feet [and remained there]. Imperfect tense. Compare John 9:38 . See App-137 .

Lord, help me. This was a better plea, but there was no definition of the "me", as with the publican: "me, a sinner" (Luke 18:13 ).

Verse 26

meet = fair.

the children's bread = the bread of the children, with emphasis on children. Figure of speech Enallage. App-6 .

children's. See App-108 .

dogs = puppies, or little household dogs; this is true only of such. Dogs are not cared for (in the East) when grown. The Lord used the Figure of speech Hypocatastasis ( App-6 ), implying that she was only a Gentile, and thus had still no claim even on that ground. Gentiles were known as "dogs" by the Jews, and despised as such (Matthew 7:6 ; 1 Samuel 17:43 . 2Sa 3:8 ; 2 Samuel 9:8 . 2 Kings 8:13 .Philippians 1:3 , Philippians 1:2 ).

Verse 27

Truth = Yea.

yet = for even: assenting to the Lord's words, while using them as an additional ground of her plea.

crumbs = scraps.

Verse 28

answered and said = exclaimed and said. A Hebraism. See note on Deuteronomy 1:41 .

O woman. Figure of speech Ecphonesis.

great is thy faith. Contrast the disciples (Matthew 16:8 ), where the same Figure of speech Hypocatastasis ( App-6 ), is used, and ought to have been understood.

Verse 29

nigh unto = beside. Greek. para. App-104 .

a = the, as in Matthew 14:23 .

sat down = was sitting down.

Verse 30

others = differently affected. Greek. heteros. App-124 .

at = beside. Greek. para .

Verse 31

to speak = speaking.

to be whole = sound.

to walk = walking.

to see = seeing.

the God of Israel. See Isaiah 29:23 .

Verse 32

called = called to [Him].

on = upon. Greek. epi.

now = already.

three days = the third day. Observe, not "and nights". See note on Matthew 12:40 , and App-144 and App-156 .

nothing = not anything.

I will not = I am not willing. See App-102 .

Verse 33

we. Emphatic, as are the words which follow.

the wilderness = a desert place. These are emphatic also, in addition to "we".

fill = satisfy.

Verse 34

I am, &c. = I was.

but = except.

unto = to. Greek. eis. App-104 .

lost. Because being without a shepherd. But see note on 1 Kings 12:17 .

the house of Israel. Therefore it was still represented by those in the Land. See note on and compare Acts 2:14 , Acts 2:22 , Acts 2:36 .

Verse 35

sit down = recline.

Verse 36

brake. See note on Matthew 14:19 .

to = [gave] to. Supplying the Ellipsis from the preceding clause.

Verse 37

broken meat = fragments, or crumbs.

baskets = large baskets. Greek. spuris. Compare Matthew 14:20 . Acts 9:25 . Our modern clothes-basket.

Verse 39

took ship = entered into Greek. eis. the ship (mentioned above, in Matthew 14:22 , &c).

Magdala. See App-169 .

Bibliographical Information
Bullinger, Ethelbert William. "Commentary on Matthew 15". "Bullinger's Companion bible Notes". https://www.studylight.org/commentaries/eng/bul/matthew-15.html. 1909-1922.
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