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Bible Commentaries

Bullinger's Companion Bible Notes

Matthew 7

Verse 1

not. Greek. me. App-105 . Jewish proverb.

Verse 2

with what, &c. Figure of speech Paroemia . App-6 .

again. All the critical texts omit. App-94 .

Verse 3

beholdest. See App-133 . This is in contrast with "considerest". Jewish proverb.

mote. Anglo-Saxon, mot = a particle of dust, something dry: i.e. any dry particle, as wood (splinter), chaff, or dust.

brother's. See note on Matthew 5:22 .

considerest. Greek. katanoeo. Stronger than "beholdest" above. See App-133 .

beam. Greek. dokos. Septuagint for Hebrew. korah in 2Ki 6:2 , 2 Kings 6:5 .

Verse 4

out of = from. Greek. ap'o. App-104 .

Verse 6

dogs. Note the Introversion here. g | dogs. h | swine. h | swine. g | dogs (and the dogs).

they: i.e. the swine. trample. All the critical texts read "shall trample upon".

under = with. Greek. en.

and = and [the dogs].

turn again and = having turned.

Verse 7

Ask. Greek. aileo. App-134 .

it shall be opened. This is never done in the East to this day. The one who knocks is always first questioned. L Tr. WH m. read "it is opened"

Verse 9

if. See App-118 .

Verse 10

if he ask. All read "if he shall ask".

a fish = a fish also.

Verse 11

evil = grudging, or harmful. See App-128 . Scripture thus challenges man, that is why man challenges it.

heaven = the heavens. See notes on Matthew 6:9 , Matthew 6:10 .

good things. Compare Psalms 34:8-10 ; Psalms 84:11 .Luke 11:13 .James 1:17 .

Verse 12

Therefore. Summing up all that has been said in verses: Matthew 7:1-11 .

would = be willing. See App-102 .

the law. See note on Matthew 5:17 .

Verse 13

Enter ye in, &c. Repeated on a later occasion. Luke 13:2 .

at = through, or by means of Greek. dia.

strait = narrow.

wide. Greek. platus. Occurs only here.

broad = extensive. Greek. euruchoros. Occurs only here. the way. For "the two ways", see Deuteronomy 30:15 , 1 Kings 18:21 . 2Pe 2:2 , 2 Peter 2:15 .

leadeth = leads away.

to = unto. Greek. ei s.

go = enter in.

thereat = through. Greek. dia. App-104 .Matthew 7:1 .

Verse 14

Because strait. L Tr. R margin Syriac. Vulgate &c., and some fifty codices read "How strait".

narrow = straitened.

unto. Greek. ei s. Same as "to", Matthew 7:14 .

life: i.e. the life [eternal]. See note on Leviticus 18:5 . App-170 .

Verse 15

Beware = Take heed, as in Matthew 6:1 .

of = from, or away from. Greek. apo : i.e. Beware [and keep] away from.

Verse 16

Ye shall know. Note the Figure of speech Epanadiplosis ( App-6 ). See Matthew 7:20 .

know = fully know and recognize. See App-132 .

by = from. Gr apo.

Do men, &c. Figure of speech Erotesis , for emphasis.

Verse 21

Lord, Lord. Note the Figure of speech Epizeuxis ( App-6 ), for emphasis.

the kingdom of heaven. See App-114 .

heaven = heavens. All the texts read "the heavens". See notes on Matthew 6:9 , Matthew 6:10 .

will. Greek. thelema. See App-102 .

Verse 22

have = did. Note the Figure of speech Erotesis.

prophesied = acted as spokesmen. See App-49 .

in Thy name = by or through Thy name. Note the Figure of speech Anadiplosis.

devils = demons.

wonderful works. Greek. dunamis (see App-172 .); in Septuagint in this sense only in Job 37:16 .

Verse 23

knew = got to know. Greek. ginosko. See App-132 .

from = away from. Greek. apo. App-104 .

iniquity = lawlessness. See App-128 .

Verse 24

whosoever = every one (as in Matthew 7:26 ). Figure of speech Synecdoche (of Genus), App-6 .

sayings = words. Greek plural of logos. See note on Mark 9:32 .

wise = prudent.

a = the.

rock = rocky ground.

Verse 25

And. Note the Figure of speech Polysyndeton ( App-6 ), emphasizing each particular.

the rain descended = down came the rain. Greek. broche. Occurs only here. On the roof.

floods. At the foundation.

winds. At the sides.

beat = broke upon, dashed against (with great violence), as in Luke 6:48 , in contrast with "beat" in Matthew 7:27 , which is a much weaker word.

was = had been.

Verse 27

beat upon = on the roof; stumbled against, merely impinged, or lightly struck, in contrast with Matthew 7:25 .

fell = did fall.

Verse 28

ended. This marks the end of the first period and subject of the Lord's ministry. See the Structure, p. 1315, and App-119 .

people = multitudes.

doctrines = teaching.

Verse 29

taught = was continually teaching.

having authority: i.e. possessing Divine authority. Greek. exousia. App-172 . In the current Hebrew literature of that time it denoted the Hebrew mippi hagg burah = from the mouth of God. See notes on Matthew 26:64 .Mark 14:62 , and Hebrews 1:3 .

and not. Note the Figure of speech Pleonasm ( App-6 ). Jewish teachers always referred to tradition, or to what some other teacher had said; and do so to this day.

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