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Psalms 127

Bullinger's Companion Bible NotesBullinger's Companion Notes

Verse 1

Title. A Song of degrees. Same as 120 ("the degrees"). App-67 . The Structure, and the references to Hezekiah being childless ( App-67 . xiv), show that this is not a Psalm "made up of two smaller Psalms, having no connection with each other".

for Solomon = of or by Solomon. The central Psalm of the fifteen. Selected by Hezekiah to complete and perfect the arrangement.

the LORD. Hebrew. Jehovah. App-4 .

the = a.

Verse 2

For so = Thus.

beloved = beloved one (singular) Hebrew. yedid. This was Solomon's name (Jedidiah) given by Jehovah (2 Samuel 12:25 ). Solomon was given because David was beloved of Jehovah. Somecodices, with Septuagint, Syriac, and Vulgate, read plural

sleep = in sleep: i.e. while they sleep: i.e. without their labour. So He gave to Solomon (1 Kings 3:5-15 ); to Adam (Genesis 2:21 , Genesis 2:22 ); Abraham (Genesis 15:12 , Genesis 15:13 ); Jacob (Genesis 28:10-15 ); Samuel (1 Samuel 3:3 , 1 Samuel 3:4 ), &c.

Verse 3

Lo. Figure of speech Asterismos. App-6 .

children = sons. The reference to the fact that Hezekiah was rejoicing in Isaiah's message that he should have a son, made it a suitable Psalm for Hezekiah to select ( 2Ki 20:12 , 2 Kings 20:18 . Isaiah 39:7 ).

of = from. Hence he sings Jehovah ' s praise.

Verse 5

Happy is the man. Hezekiah was that man. See the Beatitudes. App-63 .

man. Hebrew. geber.

They: i.e. the sons.

not be ashamed. Figure of speech Tapeinosis ( App-6 ): quite the opposite.

speak = meet, whether for negotiation or for fighting.

Bibliographical Information
Bullinger, Ethelbert William. "Commentary on Psalms 127". "Bullinger's Companion bible Notes". https://www.studylight.org/commentaries/eng/bul/psalms-127.html. 1909-1922.
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