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Revelation 21

Bullinger's Companion Bible NotesBullinger's Companion Notes

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Verse 1

saw. App-133 .

heaven, &c. See Isaiah 51:16 (plant, &c); Rev 65:17 ; Rev 66:22 . 2 Peter 3:7 .

new. See Matthew 9:17 .

heaven. See Revelation 3:12 .

earth. App-129 .

first. Greek. former, as Revelation 21:4 .

there . . . sea = the sea is no more (longer). A proof that this belongs to the post-millennial period. See Psalms 72:8 , Zechariah 9:10 .

Verse 2

John. The texts omit.

new Jerusalem. See Revelation 3:12 . The city "above" (Galatians 1:4 , Gal 1:26 ); "which hath the foundations" (Hebrews 11:10 ); "the heavenly Jerusalem" (Hebrews 12:22 ).

bride. Greek. numphe. See v. 9; Revelation 22:17 , and App-197 .

husband. App-123 .

Verse 3

heaven. The texts read "the throne".

Behold. App-133 .

dwell = tabernacle. Greek. skenoo. See John 1:14 .

with them. Compare Exodus 29:46 , &c, for God's promise to dwell among His People in the Land. For the promise to dwell among His People, restored Israel, in the millennial Land, see Zechariah 2:10 , Zechariah 2:11 ; Zechariah 8:3 , &c. Here we have the final and glorious fulfillment of the promise in Isaiah 7:14 and Matthew 1:23 IMMANUEL, God with us.

people = peoples. Greek. laos. Whereas it was people, Israel, it is now peoples, called "the nations" in Revelation 21:24 .

Verse 4

from. The texts read Greek. ek. App-104 .

there shall, &c. Read "death shall be no ( App-105 .) more" (longer).

neither, nor. Greek. oute.

any more = no more, as above.

for. The texts omit.

former things. Compare Isaiah 25:7 , Isaiah 25:8 ; Isaiah 35:10 . Jeremiah 31:16 .

Verse 5

sat = sitteth. Literally the ( One ) sitting.

upon. App-104 . with texts.

said = saith.

unto me. The texts omit.

words. App-121 .

true, &c. The texts read "faithful and true". Compare Revelation 19:11 .

true. App-175 .

faithful. App-150 and App-175

Verse 6

unto = to.

It is done. The texts read "They are come to pass". Compare Revelation 16:17 .

Alpha, &c. See Revelation 1:8 .

Beginning. App-172 .

End. Compare App-125 .

life. App-170 .

freely. See John 15:25 .

Verse 7

overcometh. Last of seventeen occurances in Rev. See Revelation 2:7 and App-197 .

inherit. Greek. kleronomeo. Only here in Rev.

all. The texts read "these".

son. App-108 .

Verse 8

fearful. Greek. deilos. Only here; Matthew 8:26 , and Mark 4:40 . In Septuagint Deuteronomy 20:8 . Judges 7:3 , Judges 7:10 .

unbelieving. Greek. apiatoa. First occurance: Matthew 17:17 (faithless).

abominable. Greek. bdelussomai. Only here and Romans 2:22 . Frequently in Septuagint. See the noun in Revelation 17:4 .

sorcerers. Greek. pharmakos. Only here and Revelation 22:15 ( pharmakos ). See Revelation 9:21 ; Revelation 18:23 and Galatians 1:5 , Galatians 1:20 (witchcraft). Those who have commerce with evil spirits, as modern "Spiritists". Occurs in Septuagint

all liars = all the false (Greek. pseudes) . Here; Revelation 2:2 .Acts 6:13 (false).

Verse 9

unto me. The texts omit.

seven . . . plagues. See Revelation 16:1 .

talked. App-121 .

bride. Greek. numphe. See Revelation 21:2 .Matthew 10:35 . 3 John 1:3; 3 John 1:3 :29 . John 18:23 ; Joh 22:17 . The "wife" and the "bride" here must not be confused with "the wife" of Revelation 19:7 . The wife of Revelation 19:7 is Israel, called out from all the nations for blessing in the Land, the earthly consort of "the great King" (compare Psalms 45:0 .Jeremiah 3:14; Jeremiah 3:14 ). The "bride, the Lamb's wife" here is still of Israel, but that Israel of the "heavenly calling" (Hebrews 3:1 ); all those connected with the "heavenly" country and "the city which hath the foundations", for which "they looked" (Hebrews 11:13-16 ). See App-197 .

wife. Greek. gune, always rend. "wife", or "woman". The wife of Revelation 19:7 is not called numphe. Here she is both numphe and gune (first occurrence Matthew 1:20 ). See App-197 .

Verse 10

spirit. App-101 .

that great. The texts omit, and read "the holy city Jerusalem".

Verse 11

glory. See p. 1611.

and. Omit.

light. App-130 .

Verse 12

And. Omit.

had = having.

twelve gates. Compare Ezekiel 48:31-34 . Both John and Ezekiel wrote as they were moved by the Holy Spirit, and their specific descriptions refer to different cities. See Revelation 21:9 .

at. Greek. epi . App-104 .

children. App-108 .

Verse 13

On. Greek. apo. App-104 .

Verse 14

foundations. Greek. themelios. See App-146 .

in. The texts read App-104 .

apostles. The twelfth will be Matthias, not Judas, See App-174 and App-189 . Twelve is the basic number of the measurements of the city. See App-197 and App-10 .

Verse 15

golden reed, &c. The texts add metron here, as Revelation 21:17 , and read "for a measure".

to = in order that. Greek. hina.

measure = he might measure.

Verse 16

furlongs. Greek. stadion. See Revelation 14:20 and App-51 .

length . . . equal. The "holy city" is presented to us as a perfect cube of 12,000 furlongs. In Solomon's Temple "the Holy of Holies" was a perfect cube of twenty cubits.

Verse 17

hundred . . . cubits. About 300 feet. See Ezekiel 43:13 and App-88 .

according to. Omit.

man. App-123 . the = an.

Verse 18

building = fabric, or material. Greek. endomesis. Only here. pure, clear. Same word.

Verse 19

And. Omit.

jasper. Compare this and the other stones here with those in Aaron's breastplate (Exodus 28:17-21 ).

Verse 21

street. Greek. plateia. See Revelation 22:2 and Compare Revelation 11:8 . Figure of speech Heterosis (of Number). App-6 .

as it were. Not that it is glass, but gold of a kind unknown to us.

Verse 22

Temple. Last occurance of the word.

therein = in (Greek. en) it.

Almighty. App-98 .

Temple of it. This shows clearly that the wonders and glories revealed here belong to post-millennial times and ages. Therefore, the city of the great King during the thousand years, with "the sanctuary" of Ezekiel 45:2 , et al ., and its palace-temple, will have "passed away". There cannot be two Jerusalems on the earth at one and the same time. The new Jerusalem comes down on the new earth, thus taking the place of the former city. See App-197 .

Verse 23

had = hath.

need, &c. Compare Isaiah 60:19-20 for the privileges of the millennial reign, foreshadowing the extended ones set forth here.

neither. Greek. oude.

to = in order to. Greek. hina.

shine. App-106 .

in it. The texts omit "in", reading "on (dative case) her".

lighten. Same as Revelation 18:1 .

light. App-130 .

Verse 24

of . . . saved. The texts omit.

light. App-130 .

it. Greek."her", as above. So also verses: Rev 25:27 .

kings, &c. Notice the order in that day.

do. Omit.

and honour. The texts omit.

into. App-104 .

Verse 25

not . . . at all. App-105 .

Verse 26

honour = the honour.

the nations. These are the "sheep" nations of His right hand during the millennial reign. See Matthew 25:31-46 .

Verse 27

in no wise. App-105 .

that defileth = unclean. Greek. koinoo, as the texts.

neither whatsoever. Read "or he that".

worketh . . . lie = worketh (or maketh) a lying abomination, i.e. an idol (Greek. baelugma. See Revelation 17:5 ).

or = and.

but = only. Greek. ei me.

Lamb's book of life. See Revelation 13:8 . Note the Figure of speech. Polysyndeton ( App-6 ) in verses: Revelation 21:22-27 .

Bibliographical Information
Bullinger, Ethelbert William. "Commentary on Revelation 21". "Bullinger's Companion bible Notes". https://www.studylight.org/commentaries/eng/bul/revelation-21.html. 1909-1922.
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