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the Week of Proper 11 / Ordinary 16
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Bible Commentaries

The Church Pulpit CommentaryChurch Pulpit Commentary

- Genesis

by Editor - James Nisbet

Genesis 1:1 The Sublime Introduction

Genesis 1:1 The Beginning

Genesis 1:3‘All the Blessings of the Light’

Genesis 1:5‘Day and Night’

Genesis 1:14 Sun and Moon

Genesis 1:26 The Divine Image in Man

Genesis 1:31 The Divine Verdict

Genesis 2:1 The Completed Work

Genesis 2:3 The Sacred Day

Genesis 2:7-8 The Garden of Eden

Genesis 2:9 The Tree of Destiny

Genesis 2:17 The One Forbidden Thing

Genesis 3:1 The Temptation of Man

Genesis 3:8 Concealment from God impossible

Genesis 3:10 Cowardice and Cant

Genesis 3:13 The Excuse of the Tempted

Genesis 3:15 The Earliest Gospel

Genesis 3:16-18 Sinners must Suffer

Genesis 3:19‘He remembereth that we are dust’

Genesis 3:24 Driven into Exile

Genesis 4:4-5 The ‘Disregarded and the Accepted Offering’

Genesis 4:9 The Unbrotherly Brother

Genesis 4:19-24 An Early Chauvinist

Genesis 4:26 The First True Worshippers

Genesis 5:24 The Witness of Enoch

Genesis 5:29 The First True Comforter

Genesis 6:5-7 An Awful Sight

Genesis 6:6 Human Sin and Divine Judgment

Genesis 6:8 A Lonely Man of Grace

Genesis 6:17 Doom and Deliverance

Genesis 7:5 Obedience to God

Genesis 8:4 The Ark of Safety

Genesis 8:20-22 The First Altar in the New World

Genesis 9:8-9 The Noahic Covenant

Genesis 9:12-15‘The Bow in the Cloud’

Genesis 9:14 The Bow of Hope

Genesis 11:1‘Of One Language’

Genesis 11:9‘What will these Babblers say?’

Genesis 12:1 The Pilgrim Father

Genesis 12:3 Blessing received and imparted

Genesis 12:4 The First Columbus

Genesis 12:4-5‘I do not ask to see the distant scene’

Genesis 12:10 A Fateful Journey

Genesis 13:10-11 The Worldly Choice

Genesis 13:18 Tent and Altar

Genesis 14:23 Some Elements of a Godly Life

Genesis 15:1 Abram’s Vision

Genesis 15:5-6 Righteousness by Faith

Genesis 16:13‘Thou God seest Me’

Genesis 17:2 The Promise Renewed

Genesis 18:2 The Divine Guest

Genesis 18:22 A Persevering Intercessor

Genesis 18:25 The Righteous Judge

Genesis 19:26 An Old-World Beacon

Genesis 20:11 A Godly Man’s Lapse

Genesis 21:17 The Listening God

Genesis 21:19 God’s Well and Man’s Bottle

Genesis 22:1-8 The Great Test

Genesis 22:1 (r.v.) The Trial of Faith

Genesis 23:19‘Till Death do them part’

Genesis 24:10 Fidelity

Genesis 24:58‘Forget thine own People!’

Genesis 25:8‘A Good Old Age’

Genesis 25:34 The Despised Birthright

Genesis 26:3; Genesis 26:5 Hereditary Blessing

Genesis 26:22 Isaac the Peaceable

Genesis 26:31 The Man of Peace

Genesis 27:5-6 A Game of Cross-purposes

Genesis 27:34 A Penitent’s Prayer

Genesis 28:16 The Pilgrim’s Vision

Genesis 28:17‘Hallowed Ground’

Genesis 28:19 Life’s Bethels

Genesis 29:20; Genesis 31:38 The Mid-passage of Life

Genesis 31:6-7 Lights and Shadows

Genesis 31:48 The Heap of Witness

Genesis 32:1 Angels on Life’s Pathway

Genesis 32:1 The Angels of God

Genesis 32:24 The Divine Antagonist

Genesis 32:26‘When I am weak, then am I strong’

Genesis 32:28 A New Name

Genesis 32:31 Life’s Sunrise

Genesis 33:3 A Happy Reunion

Genesis 35:3 Back to Bethel

Genesis 37:3 The Favourite Son

Genesis 37:18 Unbrotherly Brothers

Genesis 39:9‘Yield not to Temptation, for yielding is Sin’

Genesis 40:3 A Noble Prisoner

Genesis 41:14 Potentate and Prisoner

Genesis 41:41 Prison to Palace

Genesis 42:21-22 Conscience Awakened

Genesis 42:30 Rough Tongue and Tender Heart

Genesis 43:9 Surety for a Brother

Genesis 43:30-31 Tenderness and Self-control

Genesis 44:12 The Cup Discovered

Genesis 44:32 A Brother’s Heart

Genesis 45:5‘God is His own Interpreter, and He will make it plain’

Genesis 45:28 Alive from the Dead!

Genesis 46:4 Father and Son

Genesis 47:9 A Tired Pilgrim

Genesis 47:23‘Ye are bought with a price’

Genesis 48:15-16 An Old Man’s Blessing

Genesis 49:18 Waiting for God’s Salvation

Genesis 50:26 Joseph’s Death

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