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Friday, July 19th, 2024
the Week of Proper 10 / Ordinary 15
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Bible Commentaries

The Church Pulpit CommentaryChurch Pulpit Commentary

- Jeremiah

by Editor - James Nisbet

Jeremiah 1:1-2 The Meaning of Inspiration

Jeremiah 1:17 Jeremiah Contra Mundum

Jeremiah 2:13 God’s Complaint

Jeremiah 3:16 An Obsolete Watchword

Jeremiah 3:17 The Sacred Metropolis

Jeremiah 5:1 No! Not One!

Jeremiah 5:22 A Barrier of Sand

Jeremiah 5:24 Gratitude for Harvest

Jeremiah 6:15 Failures

Jeremiah 7:4 Deluded Formalists

Jeremiah 7:8‘A Refuge of Lies’

Jeremiah 8:7 A Lesson from the Stork

Jeremiah 8:20 Harvest Past: Summer Ended

Jeremiah 8:22‘The Balm of Gilead’

Jeremiah 9:1 A True Patriot

Jeremiah 13:11 What Might Have Been!

Jeremiah 13:15 The Sin of Pride

Jeremiah 15:1 The True Power of a Nation

Jeremiah 17:8 Ministerial Freshness

Jeremiah 17:9 The Deceitful Heart

Jeremiah 18:6 The Potter and the Clay

Jeremiah 19:11 A Broken Vessel

Jeremiah 21:1 Man Purposes, God Disposes

Jeremiah 22:10 The Elegy on Shallum

Jeremiah 22:13 A Bad Foundation

Jeremiah 22:21 The Perils of Prosperity

Jeremiah 23:6 Jehovah-Tsidkenu

Jeremiah 23:6 The Prophetic Name of Christ

Jeremiah 24:1 The Patent of Nobility

Jeremiah 24:5 A Blessing in Disguise

Jeremiah 24:7 The Summum Bonum

Jeremiah 25:14 Divine Recompense

Jeremiah 26:11; Jeremiah 26:16‘In Perils by my Countrymen’

Jeremiah 26:14‘Ready to be Offered’

Jeremiah 28:5 The False Prophet and the True

Jeremiah 29:11 God’s Thoughts of Peace

Jeremiah 30:11 Correction in Measure

Jeremiah 31:3‘Loved with Everlasting Love’

Jeremiah 31:27 A Good Time Coming

Jeremiah 31:31 A New Covenant

Jeremiah 31:33 Light-Writing

Jeremiah 33:8 A Threefold Disease and a Twofold Cure

Jeremiah 33:16 The Righteous City

Jeremiah 35:2 The Rechabites

Jeremiah 35:15 Indifference to Divine Appeals

Jeremiah 36:3; Jeremiah 36:7 A Dread Uncertainty

Jeremiah 36:23 The Indestructible Book

Jeremiah 36:24 A Foolish Bravery

Jeremiah 36:28‘Burned, but not Consumed’

Jeremiah 38:13 A Friend in Need

Jeremiah 38:19 A Royal Puppet

Jeremiah 39:7 Non-Acceptance of Chastisement

Jeremiah 39:8 The Captive Daughter of Zion

Jeremiah 39:10‘Some Shall be Taken and Others Left’

Jeremiah 50:6 Lost Sheep

Jeremiah 51:64‘Into the Bottom as a Stone’

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