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Bible Commentaries

James Nisbet's Church Pulpit Commentary


- John

by James Nisbet

John 1:6 Characteristics of the Baptist

John 1:6 Witnessing to the Light

John 1:10 Blindness of Heart

John 1:14 Emmanuel!

John 1:14 The Immensity of Divine Love

John 1:14 The Most Stupendous Fact in History

John 1:14 The Attractiveness of Religion

John 1:18 The Only-Begotten Son

John 1:18 The Revelation of God to Man

John 1:23 A Message for To-day

John 1:26; John 1:33 The Unknown Christ

John 1:29 The Lamb of God

John 1:35-Haggai : A Repeated Effort

John 1:45-1 Corinthians : Experience the Test of Truth

John 1:45-1 Corinthians : Prejudice Overcome

John 2:2 The Social Life of the Christian

John 2:5 Knowledge from Obedience

John 2:8 The Transforming Power of Christ

John 2:8 Achievement

John 2:11 Manifestation of Glory

John 2:11 The Unexpected Miracle

John 2:15-Esther :‘My Father’s House’

John 2:23-Jeremiah : Imperfect Faith

John 2:25 Christ’s Knowledge of Man

John 3:1 Nicodemus

John 3:2-Leviticus : A Momentous Interview

John 3:7 New Birth

John 3:9 The Puzzled Inquirer

John 3:14 The Gift of the Cross

John 3:16 The Magna Charta of Christianity

John 3:16 Three Mysteries

John 3:19 Out of Darkness into Light

John 3:29 The Joy of the Bridegroom’s Friend

John 4:7 Christ’s Longing for Human Sympathy

John 4:24 Worship

John 4:24 Spiritual Religion

John 4:35 Look on the Fields

John 4:37 Sowing and Reaping

John 4:42 Reasons for Faith

John 4:48-Philippians : The Nobleman’s Son

John 5:4 The Troubling of the Waters

John 5:14 The Pardon of Sin

John 5:19 Submission and Service

John 5:28-Joel : The Two Resurrections

John 5:39 The Testimony of the Scriptures

John 5:39 Bible Reading

John 5:39 The Devotional Study of Scripture

John 5:39 The Doctrinal Study of Scripture

John 5:39 Christ’s Fulfilment of the Scriptures

John 5:46 The Testimony of Moses

John 5:46 Christ in the Old Testament

John 6:4-Deuteronomy : Christ and the Great Company

John 6:4-Deuteronomy : Love, Power, Order

John 6:4-Deuteronomy : Superficial, yet Profound

John 6:11 Co-operation with God

John 6:12 All Need Supplied

John 6:12 Let Nothing be Lost

John 6:14 Prophecy Fulfilled

John 6:15 The King and the Kingdom

John 6:21 Christ’s Presence in Trouble

John 6:27 The Labour Question

John 6:28-Joel : The Work of Faith

John 6:35 Spiritual Food

John 6:35 The Bread of Life

John 6:37 The Golden Promise

John 6:39 Impersonal Resurrection

John 6:48 Mystery and Religion

John 6:51 The Eucharist

John 6:57 The Food of the Saints

John 6:57 Christ’s Gift

John 6:61 A Spiritual Plummet

John 6:63 Words of Life

John 6:67 Falling Away

John 6:67 A Touching Appeal

John 6:68 Abiding with Christ

John 6:70-Sirach : The Downfall of Judas

John 7:13 Ashamed of Jesus

John 7:17 Knowledge and Love

John 7:17 Knowledge and Understanding

John 7:18 The Negation of Self

John 7:37 Thirst Assuaged

John 7:39 The Progressive Work of the Spirit

John 7:46 The Words of Jesus

John 7:46 Christ’s Teaching

John 8:9 Alone with Jesus

John 8:11 Moral Offences

John 8:12 The Light of the World

John 8:12 Christ and Social Progress

John 8:12 The Light Giver

John 8:12 Walking in the Light

John 8:12 The Followers’ Reward

John 8:12‘The Light of Life’

John 8:21 Seeking in Vain

John 8:31 Discipleship

John 8:32 Freedom through the Truth

John 8:36 Christ the Liberator

John 8:36‘Free Indeed’

John 8:46 The Sinlessness of Christ

John 8:46 The Mystery of Evil

John 8:48 A Blasphemous Charge

John 8:51 How to Escape Death

John 9:1-Leviticus : The Mystery of Suffering

John 9:4 The Brevity of Life

John 9:4 The Purpose of Life

John 9:25‘One Thing I Know’

John 9:35‘Do We Believe?’

John 9:38 Belief and Worship

John 9:39 For Judgment

John 9:39-Mark : Responsibility and Sin

John 10:3‘The Porter of the Door’

John 10:3 The First Days of Spiritual Life

John 10:3 The Calling of the Sheep

John 10:4 The Sheep and the Shepherd

John 10:4 The Guiding Shepherd

John 10:4 The Voice of the Shepherd

John 10:9 Christ the Door

John 10:10 Motives of Work for God

John 10:10 The Gift of Life

John 10:11 The Good Shepherd

John 10:11 The Divine Shepherd

John 10:11 The Ideal Shepherd

John 10:14 Individual Knowledge

John 10:14 The Gentleness of Christ

John 10:14‘That I may Know Him’

John 10:14-Ezra : Fourfold Knowledge

John 10:16‘All Souls are Mine’

John 10:16 The Unfolded Flock

John 10:16 The Church’s Mission

John 10:19 Not Peace, but a Sword

John 10:28 A Cluster of Grapes

John 10:37-Zechariah : The Evidence of the Miracles

John 11:1 The Discipline of Sickness

John 11:5 A Loved Family

John 11:6 Divine Delay

John 11:9 Life and Work

John 11:11 He Giveth His Beloved Sleep

John 11:16‘That we may Die with Him’

John 11:16 Thomas, the Devoted Disciple

John 11:25 The Mourner’s Hope

John 11:28 Characteristics of the Master

John 11:35 The Tears of Christ

John 11:35 Tears of Sympathy

John 11:43-Acts : The Raising of Lazarus

John 11:52 The Gathered Ones

John 12:3 An Offering of Love

John 12:7 A Good Work

John 12:12-2 Chronicles : The Triumphal Entry

John 12:21 A Great Aspiration

John 12:24 Death the Fulfilment of Life

John 12:24 Life Through Death

John 12:26 A Life of Service

John 12:27-Hosea : The Sanctification of Sorrow

John 12:29 Voices of God

John 12:29 A Divided Crowd

John 12:32 The Attractive Power of Christ

John 12:32 The Christian Ideal

John 12:32 The Majesty of the Divine Humiliation

John 12:32‘The Power of God’

John 13:1 Perfect Love

John 13:1 Unto the End

John 13:7 The Mystery of Faith

John 13:13 The Call to Service

John 13:17 Missionary Service

John 13:17 Knowledge and Practice

John 13:23 The Beloved Disciple

John 13:23 On Jesus’ Bosom

John 13:25 A Pattern of Intercession

John 13:34 The New Commandment

John 13:34-Habakkuk : Christian Philanthropy

John 14:1 Trouble and its Remedy

John 14:1 His only Son, Our Lord

John 14:2 The Father’s House

John 14:2 Communion with the Departed

John 14:2 Many Mansions

John 14:2 Sufficiency of Revelation

John 14:2 Heaven

John 14:2 The Lord’s Departure

John 14:6 The Living Way

John 14:6 Characteristics of Truth

John 14:6 The Christ Life

John 14:6 Living in Christ

John 14:6 Characteristics of Life

John 14:8 On Knowing God

John 14:9 Power through Christ

John 14:12 Greater Works

John 14:15-Esther : The Mission of the Spirit of Truth

John 14:15-Esther : Another Comforter

John 14:15-Esther : Grounds of Comfort

John 14:15-Esther : Comforter, Advocate, Guide

John 14:17 The Indwelling Christ

John 14:19 Life through Christ

John 14:21-Isaiah : Coming and Abiding

John 14:26 The Divine Teacher

John 14:27 The Peace of Christ

John 15:4 Abiding in Christ

John 15:5 The Union of Christ and the Believer

John 15:5 Apart from the Vine

John 15:11 Christian Joy

John 15:15 Friends of Jesus

John 15:26-Daniel : Witness-Bearing

John 15:26-Daniel : Witnessing for Christ

John 15:27 Qualifications for Witness

John 16:5 Christ’s Sorrowful Surprise

John 16:7 Christ and His People

John 16:7 The Guidance of the Spirit

John 16:7 Before Pentecost

John 16:8 Conviction of Sin

John 16:8 The Holy Spirit and the World

John 16:8 Convictions of the Spirit

John 16:8-1 Samuel : The Reproof of the Comforter

John 16:12 Many Things to be Revealed

John 16:13 Guidance and Truth

John 16:13 The Spirit and the Church

John 16:14 Spiritual Revelation

John 16:14 The Function of the Paraclete

John 16:16 Absent and Present

John 16:16 The Little While

John 16:20 The Problem of Suffering

John 16:22 Joy which Abides

John 16:23‘In My Name’

John 16:33 Two Contrasted Conceptions

John 17:2 The Authority of Christ

John 17:3 The Only True God

John 17:4 The Work of Life

John 17:11 Christian Unity

John 17:15 Holy Keeping

John 17:17 Christian Sanctity

John 17:19 The Consecration of Personality

John 17:19 Secrets of Sanctity

John 17:21 Our Unhappy Divisions

John 17:21 Visible Unity

John 17:22‘One with Him’

John 17:24 Christ’s Wish for His People

John 18:1 Gethsemane

John 18:1 The Shadowed Garden

John 18:36 Not of this World

John 18:36 The Church and the State

John 18:37 The King Jesus

John 19:5 Lessons from Calvary

John 19:9 Pilate’s Question

John 19:15 The Crucifixion of the King

John 19:26-Daniel : The Most Pathetic Phrase in God’s Word

John 19:26-Daniel : The Word of Tender Care

John 19:26-Daniel : The Identity of Human and Divine Love

John 19:26-Daniel : Bereavement

John 19:28 The Thirst of Christ

John 19:28 The Words of Simple Human Nature

John 19:28 The Crisis Reached

John 19:28 The Appeal from the Cross

John 19:28 The Thirst for Fellowship

John 19:28 Divine Thirst

John 19:30 The Finished Word

John 19:30 The Victory of the Passion

John 19:30‘’Tis Finished, All is Finished’

John 19:38-Malachi : From Cowardice to Confession

John 20:1 The Visit of Mary Magdalene

John 20:1 The Empty Tomb

John 20:6-Judges : The Testimony of the Grave-clothes

John 20:8 Easter Thoughts

John 20:9 The Power of His Resurrection

John 20:11 What Mary saw through her Tears

John 20:17‘Touch Me Not’

John 20:17 Reverence for the Supernatural

John 20:19 The Lord’s Day

John 20:19 The Message of Peace

John 20:23 The Remission of Sins

John 20:24 The Absence of Thomas

John 20:27 The Appearance to Thomas

John 20:29 The Beatitude of Faith

John 21:1 Christ’s Resurrection Life

John 21:4 (r.v.) A Manifestation of the Risen Lord

John 21:6 The Right Side of the Ship

John 21:12 The Unchanging Christ

John 21:15 The Asking Christ

John 21:18 The Renewal of St. Peter

John 21:18 The Two Girdings

John 21:20 John the Evangelist