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Bible Commentaries

James Nisbet's Church Pulpit Commentary


- Mark

by James Nisbet

Mark 1:1 What is the Gospel?

Mark 1:1 The Genesis of the Gospel

Mark 1:3 The Voice in the Wilderness

Mark 1:4 The Baptism of Repentance

Mark 1:9-1 Kings : Christ’s Baptism and its Results

Mark 1:12-1 Chronicles : Lenten Lessons

Mark 1:12-1 Chronicles : Christ and the Christian

Mark 1:13 The Ministry of Angels

Mark 1:14-Ezra : The Coming of the Kingdom

Mark 1:15 The Old, Old Sermon

Mark 1:17 Conditions of Successful Service

Mark 1:21-Song of Solomon : The Voice of Authority

Mark 1:23 An Act of Power

Mark 1:30-Obadiah : A Domestic Drama

Mark 1:35 In a Solitary Place

Mark 1:41 Strength and Sympathy

Mark 1:43-Romans : Reserve in Religion

Mark 2:1 Christ in Us

Mark 2:3 Vicarious Faith

Mark 2:5 Forgiveness and a New Life

Mark 2:13 A Walk by the Sea

Mark 2:14 Christ’s Call

Mark 2:16 Consorting with Sinners

Mark 2:21-Song of Solomon : Things which Differ

Mark 2:27-Hosea : A National Treasure

Mark 2:27-Hosea : From the Days of Creation until Now

Mark 3:1 Faith and Unbelief Contrasted

Mark 3:5 The Anger of Christ

Mark 3:5 Judgment and Mercy

Mark 3:5 The Human Side of a Miracle

Mark 3:13 Calling and Election

Mark 3:13-Ezra : The Christian Ministry

Mark 3:14 The Ministry of Preaching

Mark 3:17‘Boanerges’

Mark 3:27 The Conflict between Good and Evil

Mark 3:27 The Strong Man Armed

Mark 3:28-Joel : Sin against the Holy Ghost

Mark 3:34-Habakkuk : Divine Relationships

Mark 3:34-Habakkuk : Doing the Will of God

Mark 4:3-Numbers : Wasted Seed

Mark 4:5 Lacking Depth

Mark 4:7 The Thorns of Prosperity

Mark 4:8 Good Soil yields Good Fruit

Mark 4:24-Lamentations : The Responsibility of the Pew

Mark 4:26-Joel : Natural Law in the Spiritual World

Mark 4:26-Joel : Attributes and Uses of the Divine Seed

Mark 4:26-Joel : What is your Growth?

Mark 4:30-Obadiah : Marks of the Church

Mark 4:30-Obadiah : The Kingdom of God

Mark 4:34 Alone with Christ

Mark 4:35-: Christ in the Tempest

Mark 4:39 The Secret of a Quiet Mind

Mark 4:40-: The Two Fears

Mark 5:2 From the Power of Satan unto God’

Mark 5:9 Satan’s Legions

Mark 5:19 The Christian in the Home

Mark 5:25-Daniel : The Believing One and the Unbelieving Many

Mark 5:25-Daniel : Imperfect Faith

Mark 5:34 Faith-Healing

Mark 5:36 Faith and Life

Mark 5:41 The Emancipation of Woman

Mark 5:43 Feeding upon Christ

Mark 6:2-Leviticus : The Supremacy of Christ

Mark 6:5 The Power of Unbelief

Mark 6:6 Jesus Marvelled

Mark 6:7-2 Kings : The Mission of the Twelve

Mark 6:16 The Power of a Good Life

Mark 6:18 The Witness of the Baptist

Mark 6:20 Where Herod Failed

Mark 6:26-Daniel : One Sin

Mark 6:31 The Rest by the Way

Mark 6:39 Fed of God

Mark 6:48 Mysterious Passages of Life

Mark 6:56 Healed by a Touch

Mark 7:13 The Influence of Tradition

Mark 7:20; Mark 7:23 Evil from Within

Mark 7:24 The Epiphanies of the Ministry

Mark 7:28-Joel : Perseverance in Prayer

Mark 7:32-Habakkuk : Hearing and Speech restored by Christ

Mark 7:32 The Use and Misuse of Speech

Mark 7:33 Aside from the Multitude

Mark 7:33 Taken Aside by Sickness

Mark 7:34 Why did Christ Sigh?

Mark 7:34 The Sigh of Sympathy

Mark 7:34 The Sigh Interpreted

Mark 7:34 The Sympathies of Christ

Mark 7:34‘Ephphatha!’

Mark 7:34 Dumb because Deaf

Mark 7:34 The Two Ephphathas

Mark 7:37 The Testimony of the Multitude

Mark 7:37 Spiritual Service

Mark 8:2 Fullness of Grace and Goodness

Mark 8:2‘Man’s Extremity is God’s Opportunity’

Mark 8:2 The Compassionate Saviour

Mark 8:4 Bread in the Wilderness

Mark 8:4 The Bread of Life

Mark 8:5 Human Agency and God’s Work

Mark 8:6 The Divine Economy

Mark 8:9‘All Things come of Thee’

Mark 8:24 The Gradual Miracle

Mark 8:29 The Great Confession

Mark 8:29 Who is This?

Mark 8:33 The Great Rebuke

Mark 8:34 Christ’s Followers

Mark 8:34 Two Antagonists

Mark 8:36 Profit and Loss

Mark 8:36 The Importance of Life

Mark 8:37 The Value of a Soul

Mark 8:37 The Discipline of the Soul

Mark 9:2 Transfigured!

Mark 9:2 The Heavenly Vision

Mark 9:2 The Way to the Mount

Mark 9:5 An Impetuous Answer

Mark 9:7 Hear Him

Mark 9:8 Christ All in All

Mark 9:10 The Rising of the Dead

Mark 9:23 The Possibilities of Faith

Mark 9:24 Faith and Doubt

Mark 9:24 Modern Unbelief

Mark 9:29 The Lenten Fast

Mark 9:36-Haggai : Christ in the Child

Mark 9:36-Haggai : The Child in the Midst

Mark 9:41‘Whose I am’

Mark 9:41 Not your Own

Mark 9:50 Purity and Peace

Mark 10:13-Nehemiah : Christ and the Children

Mark 10:13-Nehemiah : Responsibility for Children

Mark 10:14 The Friend for Little Children

Mark 10:14 Child-Rescue

Mark 10:15 Modern Culture

Mark 10:21-Song of Solomon : The Lost Opportunity

Mark 10:22 Civilisation and Worship

Mark 10:23-Ezekiel :, r.v. The Church and Wealth

Mark 10:23-Ezekiel :, r.v. Christianity and Riches

Mark 10:23-Ezekiel :, r.v. The Love of Money

Mark 10:29 Multum in Parvo

Mark 10:31 Bargaining in Religion

Mark 10:32 Fearers yet Followers

Mark 10:32-Micah : Christ’s Foreknowledge of Suffering

Mark 10:37 Excelsior!

Mark 10:38 The Fellowship of Christ’s Sufferings

Mark 10:40 Position in Heaven

Mark 10:43-Romans :, r.v. Christian Service

Mark 10:45 Divine Meekness

Mark 10:45 The Atonement

Mark 10:46-1 Thessalonians : A Parable of Life

Mark 10:49 The Higher Life

Mark 10:50 Garments to be Cast Away

Mark 10:52 Opened Eyes

Mark 11:1-Joshua : The Social Influence of Christ

Mark 11:3‘The Needs of God’

Mark 11:3 An Individual Appeal

Mark 11:9 Christ the Subject of Song

Mark 11:13-2 Chronicles : The Barren Fig Tree

Mark 11:15-Nehemiah : In the Court of the Gentiles

Mark 11:22 Faith and Spiritual Life

Mark 11:24, r.v. Private Prayer

Mark 11:24, r.v. Faith and Prayer

Mark 11:24, r.v. Limit, Range, Warrant

Mark 11:33 In the Dark at Noontide

Mark 12:9 The Lost Vineyard

Mark 12:16-Esther : God and Cæsar

Mark 12:16-Esther : The World and Christ

Mark 12:24 The Sadducees Confuted

Mark 12:28 A Great Question Answered

Mark 12:28-Obadiah : The Double Commandment

Mark 12:29-Obadiah : The Link between the Two Commandments

Mark 12:30 The Discipline of the Soul

Mark 12:34 Not far from the Kingdom

Mark 12:34 Why was He Near?

Mark 12:44 A Great Gift

Mark 13:1-Exodus :, r.v. The Conventional and the Moral

Mark 13:4 When?

Mark 13:10 The Gospel and the Nations

Mark 13:34, r.v. The Absentee Householder

Mark 13:34, r.v. Work and its Privileges

Mark 13:34, r.v. The Call to Work

Mark 13:34, r.v. The Law of the House

Mark 13:35-Zephaniah : The Master’s Coming

Mark 13:35-Zephaniah : That Blessed Hope

Mark 13:37 Watching

Mark 14:3 Mary of Bethany’s Offering

Mark 14:4; Mark 14:6 Mary’s Act Judged

Mark 14:4 A Captious Question

Mark 14:6 An Opportune Work

Mark 14:8 Nothing too Small

Mark 14:8 The Gift and its Motive

Mark 14:10-1 Kings : Betrayed for Money

Mark 14:19‘Is it I?’

Mark 14:22-Jeremiah : The Holy Communion

Mark 14:32; Mark 14:34 In Gethsemane

Mark 14:36 Harmony of Will

Mark 14:37 Spiritual Sleep

Mark 14:37 Sleepest Thou

Mark 14:37 Wakefulness

Mark 14:37 Under the Olives

Mark 14:38 Christ’s Exhortation

Mark 14:38 Words from Gethsemane

Mark 14:46 Betrayed and Forsaken

Mark 14:63-3 John :‘I Am’

Mark 14:72 St. Peter’s Fall

Mark 15:15 Pilate’s Sin

Mark 15:15-Psalms : Christ’s Humiliation

Mark 15:22-Isaiah : The Mortification of Bodily Desires

Mark 15:31 The Lessons of Failure

Mark 15:31 The Mistake of those that Passed by

Mark 15:34 The Word from the Cross

Mark 15:39 A Confession of Faith

Mark 15:39 The Union of the Divine with the Human

Mark 15:37-Zechariah : The Rent Veil

Mark 16:3 The Stone at the Door

Mark 16:3 Imaginary Difficulties

Mark 16:6 The Invisibility of the Resurrection

Mark 16:6 Easter Lessons

Mark 16:7 Why ‘Into Galilee’?

Mark 16:9 The First Appearance of the Risen Lord

Mark 16:15‘Into all the World’

Mark 16:19 Ascended into Heaven

Mark 16:19 Rejoice!

Mark 16:19 The Purposes of the Ascension

Mark 16:19 The Significance of the Ascension

Mark 16:19 The Blessings of the Ascension

Mark 16:19 Results of the Ascension

Mark 16:20 Christ in the World

Mark 16:20 Christ’s Co-operation

Mark 16:20 Preparation and Effect