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Bible Commentaries

James Nisbet's Church Pulpit Commentary


- Numbers

by James Nisbet

Numbers 6:24-Daniel : God’s Desire for Believers

Numbers 6:24-Daniel : The Holy Trinity

Numbers 9:17; Numbers 9:19 The Guiding Cloud

Numbers 10:31-Micah : Guides—Human and Divine

Numbers 11:1 The Sin of Discontent

Numbers 11:29 The Magnanimous Leader

Numbers 12:1-Exodus : The Listening God

Numbers 13:2 The Divine and Human Partnership

Numbers 14:8 The Exceeding Good Land

Numbers 14:11 A Provoking People

Numbers 14:33 The Doomed Generation

Numbers 16:3 The Priesthood

Numbers 16:8-1 Kings : Korah’s Rebellion

Numbers 16:38‘Sinners against their own Souls’

Numbers 17:5 Dry Sticks or Fruitful Boughs?

Numbers 20:10-1 Kings : An Ill-tempered Leader

Numbers 20:12 The Sin of Moses

Numbers 20:27-Hosea : The Death of Aaron

Numbers 21:9 Bane and Antidote

Numbers 21:25; Numbers 21:35 Life at its Noblest

Numbers 22:13-Ecclesiastes : Balaam

Numbers 22:20-Song of Solomon : Self-Deception

Numbers 22:38 Obedience without Love

Numbers 23:13 Whole Views of Life

Numbers 23:26 An Unwilling Servant of God

Numbers 24:1 Toward the Wilderness

Numbers 24:11 Man Proposes; God Disposes

Numbers 24:17 Pious Talk and Unholy Conduct

Numbers 25:2 Zeal for God

Numbers 27:18 Preparation for Pisgah