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Bible Commentaries

James Nisbet's Church Pulpit Commentary


- Philippians

by James Nisbet

Php_1:3 A Pleasant Remembrance

Php_1:6 The Hope of the Church

Php_1:6 Divine Faithfulness

Php_1:9 The Intellect and the Heart

Php_1:9 From Love to Knowledge

Php_1:10 The Higher Life

Php_1:17 What is the Gospel?

Php_1:17 The Defence of the Gospel

Php_1:18 Christ is Preached

Php_1:18 For Clergy and People

Php_1:21 The Secret of Life

Php_1:21 The Christ-like Life

Php_1:23 The Saints in Paradise

Php_1:23 Two Immense Blessings

Php_1:27 The Gospel and Social Life

Php_2:3-4 Against Controversy

Php_2:5 Christian Humility

Php_2:5 Christ the Pattern in Service

Php_2:5 The Mind of Christ

Php_2:8 The Humiliation of Christ

Php_2:8 The Obedience of Christ

Php_2:8 The Death of Christ

Php_2:8 The Wondrous Cross

Php_2:10 The Name of Jesus

Php_2:12-13 Religion and Health

Php_2:12-13 Co-operation with God

Php_2:12-13 What shall I do?

Php_3:8 Disowned

Php_3:8 St. Paul’s Desire

Php_3:9 In Christ

Php_3:10 The Knowledge of Christ

Php_3:10 Resurrection Power

Php_3:10 Resurrection Assurance

Php_3:10 What is Power?

Php_3:13 Concentration

Php_3:13 The Secret of Success

Php_3:13 The Dead Past

Php_3:13 The Christian’s Worst Foe

Php_3:13 From Strength to Strength

Php_3:19 Earthly Things

Php_3:20 Heavenly Citizenship

Php_3:20 Immortality

Php_3:20 Heaven

Php_3:20-21 Looking for the Saviour

Php_3:20-21 The Christian’s Home

Php_4:1 Stand Fast

Php_4:4 True Joy

Php_4:4 Joy in the Lord

Php_4:6 A Divine Prescription

Php_4:6 God’s Care

Php_4:7 God’s Peace in the Heart

Php_4:7 Christianity and War

Php_4:8 Things to Think of

Php_4:8 Time to Think

Php_4:8 The Culture of the Ideal

Php_4:19 All Need Supplied

Php_4:22 Saints in the Household of Cæsar