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Bible Commentaries

James Nisbet's Church Pulpit Commentary


- Psalms

by James Nisbet

Psalms 1:2 God’s Revealed Will

Psalms 1:3 Three Aspects of Godly Character

Psalms 2:1 The Ideal King

Psalms 3:5 God’s Protection of the Helpless in Sleep

Psalms 4:4 Self-Communion

Psalms 5:7 Worship a Sight of God

Psalms 6:10 An Intolerant Psalmist

Psalms 7:12 The Patient God

Psalms 8:4 God Mindful of Man

Psalms 9:10 They that know God trust Him

Psalms 10:17-Job : A Sympathetic God

Psalms 11:3 Foundations

Psalms 12:5 Good Cheer for Bad Times

Psalms 13:1 Seeming Desertion—Its Cause and Cure

Psalms 14:1 No God!

Psalms 15:5 The Godly Man

Psalms 16:3 His Delights are with the Sons of Men

Psalms 17:15 Satisfied

Psalms 18:28 Light in the Darkness

Psalms 19:12 Secret Faults

Psalms 20:5 God’s Name

Psalms 21:13 Thanksgiving for Victory

Psalms 22:19 The Greatest of the Passion Psalms

Psalms 22:20 The Power of the Dog

Psalms 23:4 The Abiding Presence

Psalms 24:1-Exodus : The Earth is the Lord’s

Psalms 25:14 The Open Secret

Psalms 26:8‘Domus, O quam Dilecta!’

Psalms 26:8 The Place where Thine Honour dwelleth

Psalms 27:1‘Dominus Illuminatio Mea’

Psalms 27:11 A Docile Learner

Psalms 28:1 A Silent God

Psalms 29:10 The Blessing of Peace

Psalms 30:12 Joy for Heaviness; Gladness for Sackcloth

Psalms 31:20 God’s Promise

Psalms 32:3-Numbers : The Comfort of Repentance

Psalms 33:18‘Thou, God, Seest Me!’

Psalms 34:1-Ruth :‘Benedicam Domino’

Psalms 35:25 Mean Prayers

Psalms 36:1-Exodus : Guilt!

Psalms 37:3 Remedies for Despondency

Psalms 38:2 In a Sore Plight

Psalms 39:12-1 Chronicles : The Pilgrim’s Prayer

Psalms 40:7 The Self-Consecration of Messiah

Psalms 41:5; Psalms 41:10 Human Foes and Divine Friend

Psalms 42:1 Athirst for God

Psalms 43:3 Light and Truth

Psalms 44:14 Why do God’s Saints Suffer?

Psalms 45:3-Numbers : Messiah’s Conquests

Psalms 46:1 God a Strong Refuge

Psalms 47:7‘Worship the King’

Psalms 48:8 The City of Our God

Psalms 49:18 Success

Psalms 50:3; Psalms 50:21 The Silence of God

Psalms 51:10 A Clean Heart

Psalms 51:17 Acceptable Sacrifices

Psalms 52:9 The Name to Trust in

Psalms 53:1-Exodus : The Folly of Atheism

Psalms 54:1 The Name that Saves

Psalms 55:22 A Burden-bearing God

Psalms 56:8‘He Careth for You’

Psalms 57:7‘My Heart is Fixed’

Psalms 58:1-Deuteronomy :‘Faith in Righteousness’

Psalms 58:1 Set on being Righteous

Psalms 59:10 The Merciful God

Psalms 60:12‘God is our refuge and our strength’

Psalms 61:2 The Rock of Ages

Psalms 62:2 Faith Triumphant

Psalms 62:5 Waiting upon God

Psalms 63:1 Man’s Relation to God

Psalms 64:1 God the Defence of the Persecuted

Psalms 65:2 The Hearer of Prayer

Psalms 66:14 Testimony for God

Psalms 67:3 God’s Name be Praised

Psalms 68:13 A Hymn of Triumph

Psalms 68:28 Divine Strength

Psalms 69:23 Misused Privileges an Occasion of Falling

Psalms 70:1 God the Hope of the Despairing

Psalms 71:16 A Motto for the New Year

Psalms 72:8 Messiah’s Reign

Psalms 73:15-Nehemiah : The Rectifying Influence of the Sanctuary

Psalms 74:11 God as Silent and Inactive

Psalms 74:16 Alternations and Consolations

Psalms 75:7 A Psalm of the Divine Judgment

Psalms 76:9 Divine Judgment and its Lessons

Psalms 77:4 The Psalm of the Sleepless Night

Psalms 78:19‘Limiting the Holy One’

Psalms 79:8 God the Hope of the Distressed

Psalms 80:17 The Divine Man

Psalms 81:12-1 Chronicles : Abandoned of God

Psalms 82:8 God as Judge

Psalms 83:3‘Thy Hidden Ones’

Psalms 84:10 Delight in God’s House

Psalms 85:8 Listening to God

Psalms 86:3 Daily Prayer

Psalms 87:1 The Holy Hills

Psalms 88:5 Free among the Dead

Psalms 89:49 The Failure of Faith

Psalms 90:16 A Message of Undying Hope

Psalms 91:13 Victor in Life’s Battle

Psalms 92:12 Palm-Tree Christians

Psalms 93:1 The Kingdom of God

Psalms 94:19 Good Thoughts in Bad Times

Psalms 95:1; Psalms 95:6 Worship and Rest

Psalms 96:7 The Excellence of the Gospel

Psalms 97:10 Life and Character

Psalms 98:1 The New Song

Psalms 99:8 Pardon with Punishment

Psalms 100:5 Divine Goodness and Truth

Psalms 101:2 The Hallowing of Family Life

Psalms 102:16 God’s Home in Zion

Psalms 103:5 Life’s Perpetual Renewal

Psalms 104:34 Sweet Thoughts of God

Psalms 105:17 God’s Previsions

Psalms 106:24 Man’s Acceptance or Rejection of God

Psalms 107:7 The Right Road

Psalms 108:10 Opened City Gates

Psalms 109:8 Responsibility of Office

Psalms 110:4 The Order of Melchizedek

Psalms 111:9 Reverence toward God

Psalms 112:1 Who is Blessed?

Psalms 113:1 The Lord’s Name be Praised!

Psalms 114:7-Ruth :‘The God that doeth Wonders’

Psalms 115:16 Heaven and Earth Contrasted

Psalms 116:8 God’s Deliverance

Psalms 117 The Shortest Psalm

Psalms 118:17 The Cry of Faith and Joy

Psalms 119:18 Wondrous Things

Psalms 119:50 Comfort and Life

Psalms 119:71 The Discipline of Pain

Psalms 119:94 Salvation

Psalms 119:113 A Good Hater

Psalms 120:1 A Case of Distress

Psalms 121:1 Help from the Hills

Psalms 122:1 Joy in Public Worship

Psalms 122:2 Within the Gates

Psalms 123:2 God’s Faithful Servants

Psalms 124:8 The Divine Helper

Psalms 125:2 God’s Encompassing

Psalms 126:2 Godly Mirth

Psalms 127:2‘If he sleep, he shall do well’

Psalms 128 The Picture of a Godly Man

Psalms 129:8 God’s Blessing

Psalms 130:7 Plenteous Redemption

Psalms 131:2 A Hymn of Heart’s-Ease

Psalms 132:6 The Sacred Ark

Psalms 133:1 Christian Unity

Psalms 134:1; Psalms 134:3 Mutual Benediction

Psalms 135:1 Sentiment and Argument

Psalms 136:1‘His Mercy Endureth for Ever’

Psalms 137:4 No Heart to Sing

Psalms 138:2 God’s Wonderful Word

Psalms 139:1-Exodus : The Indwelling God

Psalms 140:5-Joshua : God the Soul’s Refuge

Psalms 141:2 Incense and Offering

Psalms 142:7 The Victory of Faith

Psalms 143:7-1 Kings : Rest and Service

Psalms 144:1‘It God be for Me, Who can be against Me?’

Psalms 145:15 For a Harvest Festival

Psalms 146:2 The Praise Book of the Jewish Church

Psalms 147:2-Deuteronomy : God’s Building

Psalms 148:14 Near unto God

Psalms 149:1 A Hymn of Salvation

Psalms 150:1-Leviticus :; Psalms 150:6 Hallelujah!

Psalms 150:1-Leviticus :; Psalms 150:6 ( Second Outline)