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Bible Commentaries
1 Kings 21

Smith's Bible CommentarySmith's Commentary

Verses 1-29

Chapter 21

Now it came to pass after these things, that there was a fellow by the name of Naboth who had a vineyard, down in the area of mount Gilboa ( 1 Kings 21:1 ).

And it was an excellent vineyard and it was next to property that Ahab owned, and Ahab desired Naboth's vineyard.

And so he came to him and he said, I'd like to buy your vineyard, name your price ( 1 Kings 21:2 ).

And Naboth said, Hey, it's the family's. If I sell it, then I'm selling that which is the family's property. I don't want to sell you the vineyard. It's not for sale. And so the guy started pouting. He was so upset, just sitting there pouting and someone has crossed me. Can't have his way. And so he's pouting and his wife says, "What in the world's wrong with you?"

And he said, "Oh, I just can't stand it. I want that vineyard of Naboth.

And she says, "Well, quit your pouting. I'll get you the vineyard if you want the vineyard." And so she ordered the men of the city to gather together and she hired a couple of guys to lie against Naboth. So the elders were gathered together and Naboth was there. And these two men came in and they bore false witness.

They said, "We heard this man curse the king and curse God." And so the penalty for cursing God, of course, was being stoned to death. And so with the two men bearing witness against him, lying as they did, they killed Naboth and of course, Jezebel just moved in and took his vineyard and gave it as a present to her husband.

So the word of the Lord came to Elijah saying, Arise, and go and meet Ahab the king of Israel, which is in Samaria: he's in the vineyard of Naboth, he's gone down to possess it. And you shall speak unto him, saying, Thus saith the LORD, Have you killed, and taken possession? And you shall speak unto him, saying, Thus saith the LORD, In the place where the dogs licked the blood of Naboth shall the dogs lick thy blood, even thine. So Ahab said unto Elijah, have you found me, my enemy? And he answered, I have found you; because you have sold yourself to work evil in the sight of the LORD. Behold, I will bring evil upon thee, and will take away your possession, and cut off from Ahab all of his descendants. And I will make your house like the house of Jeroboam the son of Nebat, and like Baasha ( 1 Kings 21:17-22 ).

In other words, the dynasty, the family dynasty is going to be gone.

And he also spake against Jezebel, saying, The dogs shall eat Jezebel by the wall of Jezreel. And him that dies of Ahab in the city the dogs will eat; him who dies in the field the fowls of the air or the vultures will eat. And there was none like unto Ahab, who did sell himself to work wickedness in the sight of the LORD, whose wife Jezebel stirred him up ( 1 Kings 21:23-25 ).

There is none any worse than this king.

They did very abominably in following idols, according to all the things that the Amorites had done before them, the people that the LORD had cast out of the land. Now it came to pass, when Ahab heard these words, that he began really to live more carefully, he put on sackcloth, he fasted, and he lived very carefully. And so the LORD came to Elijah and said, These things will not happen in his days but in the days of his children ( 1 Kings 21:26-29 ). "

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