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Job 26

Smith's Bible CommentarySmith's Commentary

Verses 1-14

Chapter 26

So Job answers now this little saying of Bildad. It's his third and final answer to Job, and it's really nothing.

Job answered and said, How have you helped him that is without power? how can you save me with an arm that has no strength? How have you counseled him who has no wisdom? how have you really declared the thing as it really is? To whom have you uttered your words? and whose spirit came from you? Dead things are formed from under the waters, and the inhabitants thereof. Hell is naked before him, and destruction hath no covering. He stretched out the north over an empty place, and hangs the earth upon nothing ( Job 26:1-7 ).

Interesting statement, indeed, in that Job is one of the oldest books in the Bible, probably as old as the book of Genesis, maybe even older; it could have been written before Genesis. And Job declares that God hangs the earth upon nothing. Now compare that with the scientific theories of those days, the men of science in those days. The wise men had drawn pictures of the earth being held up by an elephant. Now I don't know what he was standing on. Or Atlas holding up the earth. But Job declares he hung it on nothing. Interesting indeed.

He binds up the waters in the thick clouds; and the clouds do not tear under them ( Job 26:8 ).

Now, how much water is contained in a cloud? And Job says, "Hey, He's got all that water bound up in the cloud and yet the cloud doesn't tear." Yet there is not much substance to a cloud, you can run your hand right through it. But yet He can hold all that water there in the cloud.

He holds back the face of his throne, and spreads his cloud upon it. He has compassed the waters with bounds [the oceans, he has set the boundaries for the oceans], until the day and night come to an end. The pillars of heaven tremble and are astonished at his reproof. He divides the sea with his power, and by his understanding he smites through the proud. And by his Spirit he has garnished the heavens; his hand hath formed the crooked serpent. Lo, these are parts of his ways: but how little a portion is heard of him? but the thunder of his power who can understand? ( Job 26:9-14 ) "

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