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Bible Commentaries

Smith's Bible Commentary

Numbers 17

Verses 1-13

Chapter 17

AND the LORD spake unto Moses, [chapter seventeen] says, Speak to the children of Israel, to take every one of them a rod ( Numbers 17:1-4.17.2 )

That is, one for each tribe.

according to their tribe: put the name of their leader of their tribe on it and tonight we're gonna bring it in and set it before the Lord in the tabernacle ( Numbers 17:2-4.17.4 ).

And we'll let the Lord declare who is to be the one who serves in the sanctuary. And so they brought-each prince brought a rod for his tribe and his name inscribed upon it and they put Aaron's name on the tribe of Levi. And in the morning they went in and the rod that had Aaron's name on it had budded and blossomed and had ripe olives on it, I mean almonds. Almond blossoms and almond buds and all and almonds on the thing, and thus, they kept the rod. They put it then into the Ark of the Covenant as a signifying thing that God had chosen the family of Aaron for the priesthood.


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