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Numbers 26

Smith's Bible CommentarySmith's Commentary

Verses 1-65

Chapter 26

Now in chapter twenty-six we again have the tribes numbered off. Now remember this is at the end of the forty years of wandering. At the beginning of the forty years of wandering they numbered the tribes and now the end of the forty years of wandering they number the tribes again. And it is interesting to compare the number of people at the beginning and at the end. And actually there's a total loss of people of about two thousand, approximately two thousand less at the end of the forty years wandering. But some of the tribes, they were really wiped out, quite really decimated; others actually grew in number through the wilderness wanderings.

Towards the end of the chapter in verse fifty-nine we get a little history of Moses' family. His father's name was Amrams; his mother's was Jochebed. She had three children; Moses, Miriam and Aaron. And it gives you a little history of Aaron's family, the two sons again that died; Nadab and Abihu who offered the strange fire before the Lord. And now that generation has passed away, there's no one left accept for Moses, of course, is still alive and Joshua and Caleb. But all of those who came out of Egypt who were twenty years old or older have now all died with the exception of these three men. Moses is soon to die before they go into the land.


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