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1 Samuel 9

Dummelow's Commentary on the BibleDummelow on the Bible

Verses 1-27

Saul and Samuel meet

For the picture of Samuel in this c, as a person of local rather than national importance, cp. Intro. § 6. On early prophecy, see Intro. § 4.

1 Samuel 9:1 to 1 Samuel 10:16 comes from a different source from 1 Samuel 8 : see intro. there. The author of this section gives no hint that the choice of a king was displeasing to God. But we meet with the views of 1 Samuel 8 again when we come to 1 Samuel 10:17.

1. Power] RV ’valour.’

4, 5. The districts of Shalisha, Shalim, and Zuph have not been identified.

5. Take thought] rather, ’be anxious.’

6. In this city] probably Ramah.

9. This v. is probably an explanatory note by the editor, though some regard it as a scribe’s insertion. Seer] Heb. roeh, a comparatively rare word, in this sense. ’They were called “seers” for no other reason than because they were thought to “see” what for the rest of men. was hidden, the secrets either of the present of of the future’; e.g. in the present case, the matter of the asses. Prophet] The Heb. word is nabi, and is probably connected with the Assyrian nabu, ’to call’ or ’name.’ The prophet was the ’spokesman’ of Jehovah: see art. ’Hebrew Prophecy.’

13. This refers to the solemn sacrificial meal after the peace offering: cp. Exodus 24:5, Exodus 24:11; Leviticus 7.

14. Came out against them] rather, ’came out to meet them.’

20. On whom is all the desire] RV ’for whom is all that is desirable in Israel. Is it not for thee?’ cp. Haggai 2:7; RM.

21. The least of all the families] This is Eastern hyperbole and must not be taken literally: cp. Judges 6:15.

24. And Samuel said] The word ’Samuel’ is not in the original. ’And the cook took up.. and said.’ What follows is the garrulous talk of the cook. Since I said] the Heb. is simply ’saying’ (i.e. Samuel).

25, 26. LXX is the more probable: ’And when they were come down from the high place into the city, they spread a couch for Saul on the housetop, and he lay down. And it came to pass about,’ etc. At the present day in the East multitudes sleep on the roof of houses.

26. Samuel called Saul to the top] RV ’Samuel called to Saul on the housetop.’ Saul had been sleeping on the roof, and now Samuel calls to him to descend.

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