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Ezekiel 15

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Verses 1-8

Ezekiel’s Parable of the Vine

Jerusalem and Israel are compared elsewhere in Scripture to a cultivated vine, bearing or expected to bear fruit. Ezekiel’s similitude, however, is that of the wild vine (Ezekiel 15:2, RV), regarded simply as a tree. It is the most worthless of trees. Its wood is of no use for any purpose, being too weak even to make a peg of. A vine branch that happens to be half-burnt is even more worthless than it was before. Jerusalem is such a half-burnt vine, already charred by the first captivity. It is only fit for fuel, and will be wholly consumed.

2. Or than a branch] RV ’the vine branch.’

7. From one fire, and another fire] RV ’from the fire, but the fire.’ Jerusalem has survived one captivity, but will be overtaken by a second and final disaster.

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