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Bible Commentaries

Dummelow's Commentary on the Bible

Ezekiel 30

Verses 1-19

The Invasion of Egypt by Nebuchadrezzar

No special enemy of Egypt has been mentioned in Ezekiel 29:1-16, but the king of Babylon is now pointed out as its conqueror.

5. Libya, and Lydia] RV ’Put and Lud’: see on Ezekiel 27:10. Chub] an unknown people. The land that is in league] perhaps we should read, ’the land of the Cherethites’ (Philistia).

9. In ships] ascending the Nile to Ethiopia.

13. Noph] Memphis, the capital of Lower Egypt.

14. Zoan] Tanis, an ancient Egyptian city (Numbers 13:22). No] No-ammon, or Thebes, the capital of Upper Egypt.

15. Sin] Pelusium, a frontier city at the NE. extremity of the Delta of the Nile.

17. Aven] On, or Heliopolis: see. Genesis 41:45, Genesis 41:50; Genesis 46:20. It lay on the E. edge of the Delta. Pi-beseth] Bubastis, a city of Lower Egypt.

18. Tehaphnehes (or Tahpanhes)] Daphnæ, a city on the E. frontier of Lower Egypt: see Jeremiah 43:7; Jeremiah 44:1; Jeremiah 46:14.

Verses 1-26

§ 3. Egypt (Ezekiel 29-32)

The most of this series of prophecies against Egypt are connected with dates during the siege of Jerusalem, the time when Ezekiel was silent as a prophet of Israel. They were therefore probably written rather than spoken. Ezekiel 32:0 is dated in the year after the fall of Jerusalem, and Eze 29:17-21 belongs to a much later time. In chronological order the series includes (1) the destruction of the crocodile (Eze 29:1-16), (2) the invasion of Egypt by Nebuchadrezzar (Eze 30:1-19), (3) the breaking of Pharaoh's arms (Eze 30:20-26), (4) the fall of the great cedar (Ezekiel 31:0), (5) two lamentations for Pharaoh and Egypt (c 32), (6) Egypt substituted for Tyre (Eze 29:17-21).

Verses 20-26

The Breaking of Pharaoh’s Arms

This prophecy appears to have been occasioned by some reverse sustained by Pharaoh shortly before the fall of Jerusalem. Probably the reference is to the failure of his attempt to raise the siege (Jeremiah 37:5-11). The disaster is metaphorically described as the breaking of one of Pharaoh’s arms. Ezekiel predicts that God will break the other arm also, so that Pharaoh will drop his sword. The king of Babylon’s arms will be strengthened. God’s sword will be put into his hand, that it may be stretched over Egypt. The Egyptians will be scattered in other lands.

20. The eleventh year.. the first month] March-April, 586 b.c., about four months before the fall of Jerusalem.

21. Roller] bandage.

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