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Bible Commentaries
Genesis 34

Dummelow's Commentary on the BibleDummelow on the Bible

Verses 1-31

The Dishonour done to Dinah, and the Crafty Revenge of Simeon and Levi

1. Went out to see the daughters of the land] According to Josephus there was a festival among the Canaanites at Shechem.

7. Folly] The term is frequently applied in the moral sense as equivalent to immorality: see Deuteronomy 22:21; Judges 20:6; 2 Samuel 13:12, and frequently in Proverbs, as Proverbs 7:7. A world of argument lies in the scriptural identification of wickedness and folly. The moral man is the wise man. In Israel] The author anticipates the national name.

12. Dowry and gift] The former was the price paid to the relatives for the bride, the latter the gift to the bride.

13-17 Simeon and Levi professed to have scruples in giving their sister to one who was of an uncircumcised race, but they had another motive: by procuring the circumcision of the tribe they were able to carry out their revenge when the Shechemites were suffering from the effects of the rite.

25. Simeon, Levi, and Dinah were all children of Leah.

29. Little ones] rather, ’household,’ servants, etc.

28-30. The murder of the Shechemites was a treacherous and cruel act. Jacob was deeply incensed at it, and on his deathbed (Genesis 49) denounced and cursed the murderers, though at the time he was chiefly concerned for the consequences of their conduct.

30. Make me to stink] i.e. to be in bad odour, as we say: cp. Exodus 5:21.

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