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Bible Commentaries

Dummelow's Commentary on the Bible

Isaiah 26

Verses 1-21

1. Salvation, etc.] the assurance of divine protection takes the place of material bulwarks.

4. Everlasting strength] RM ’a rock of ages.’ Rock is applied as a title to God (Isaiah 30:29; Deuteronomy 32:4).

5. Lofty city] the power hostile to God’s people (Isaiah 24:10).

7. Uprightness] ’straightness,’ implying freedom from impediment. Weigh] RV ’direct.’

8. In the way of thy judgments] i.e. in the way which God, by His judgments or decrees, set out for His people to walk in. The context (Isaiah 26:7) shows this to be the meaning. Thy name] i.e. the manifestation of thyself. The remembrance of thee] RV ’thy memorial,’ a synonym for ’name’: Exodus 3:15.

9. Night] the season of meditation (Psalms 4:4).

10. Carries on the thought of Isaiah 26:9. God’s judgments are necessary, because His favour is ineffectual.

11. But they shall see, etc.] RV ’but they’ (the adversaries) ’shall see thy zeal for the people’ (Israel: cp. Isaiah 63:15.) ’and be ashamed; yea, fire shall devour thine adversaries.’

12. In us] RV ’for us.’

13. Other lords] the oppressors of Israel. Perhaps the prophet also has in mind the deities in whose name they professed to act. Make mention, etc.] i.e. celebrate Thy name in praise.

14. They are dead] i.e. the oppressors.

15. The nation] i.e. Israel. Thou hadst, etc.] RV ’thou hast enlarged all the borders of the land.’

18. The fruitlessness of human effort.

Fallen] i.e. been born.

19. Thy dead.. arise] RV ’Thy dead shall live; my dead bodies shall arise.’ The pronouns ’thy’ and ’my’ both refer to Israel. The passage seems to imply that for God’s people, as opposed to the heathen (Isaiah 26:14), the prophet expected a literal resurrection. Some think, however, that a national restoration, surpassing all expectation, is set forth under the figure of resurrection from the dead, as in Hosea 6:2; Ezekiel 37:1-10. Herbs] RM ’light’: i.e. morning dew (Psalms 110:3).

20. Israel may retire and be secure, while the divine judgments pass by.

21. Disclose her blood] so that it may cry for vengeance (Genesis 4:10-11).

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