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Bible Commentaries

Dummelow's Commentary on the Bible

Isaiah 32

Verses 1-20

1-8. Characteristics of the future age.

9-14. A warning of coming desolation to the over-confident people.

15-20. Afterwards shall be a peaceful and prosperous future.

1. The ideal future.

2. Men will defend and protect their inferiors instead of oppressing them.

3. Cp. Isaiah 29:18.

5f. Moral confusion shall cease; men shall be taken at their true value, their character being clearly seen in their actions.

6. Hypocrisy] RV ’profaneness.’

8. By.. stand] RV ’in liberal things shall he continue.’

9-14. Cp. Isaiah 3:16-26.

10. Many.. years] RM ’Days above a year,’ i.e. in little more than a year.

12. Lament.. teats] RV ’smite upon the breasts,’ a gesture of despairing lamentation over the desolated vineyards.

14. Multitude.. city] RV ’populous city.’

15. A limit is set to the desolation. A bright future is in store, when the outward transformation of the country will correspond with the moral reformation (Isaiah 32:16). This change alike in man and in nature is attributed,’ to an outpouring of the divine and life-giving spirit.

19. When] RV ’but’: a judgment is to precede the time of peace just described.

Coming, etc.] RV ’in the downfall of the forest,’ i.e. of the Assyrian. The city] Jerusalem too must be humbled.

20. Refers to the bright future again, when the land shortly to be desolate (Isaiah 32:13-14) shall be fully cultivated. Beside all waters] for the land will be everywhere irrigated (Isaiah 30:25).

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Dummelow, John. "Commentary on Isaiah 32". "Dummelow's Commentary on the Bible". 1909.