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Bible Commentaries

Dummelow's Commentary on the Bible

Jeremiah 41

Verses 1-18

Plot against Gedaliah and its Results (586 b.c.)

1-10. Ishmael murders Gedaliah and others, and carries off captives.

1. And the princes] RV ’and one of the chief officers’; a further description of Ishmael himself, not an addition to his band. Even] RV ’and.’

5. Having their beards shaven, etc.] in mourning for the destruction of the Temple: see on Jeremiah 16:6.

6. Weeping all along] feigning equal concern with them, so as to put them off their guard.

7. Pit] RV ’cistern.’

8. Treasures] RV ’stores hidden.’Dry cisterns, covered with a deep layer of earth, are commonly used for this purpose in the East.

9. Because of] RV ’by the side of,’i.e. their bodies placed by his. Asa.. Baasha] see 1 Kings 15:22.

11-18. Johanan rescues the captives and they start for Egypt.

12. Gibeon] the modern El-jib, a city of the priests (Joshua 18:25; Joshua 21:17), in the tribe of Benjamin.

14. Cast about] turned round.

15. These acts of treachery may well have been connected with woes predicted for Ammon in Jeremiah 49:1.

17. The habitation of Chimham] RM ’the lodging place’(i.e. irai or khan) of Chimham: see 2 Samuel 19:37. It was natural that David as a mark of gratitude to the son of Barzillai should have given Chimham a piece of his patrimony.

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