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Bible Commentaries

Dummelow's Commentary on the Bible

Psalms 11

Verses 1-7

The Ps. is a song of confidence in God, and in the security of the righteous under His protection, notwithstanding the timid counsels of less trustful friends, and the evil devices of the wicked, who are doomed to destruction.

3. If the foundations be destroyed] if those in high places disregard the first principles of righteousness. This is an argument of unbelief and cowardice. It is suggested that wickedness may be so successful as to make resistance useless.

4. God is the great Reality whom such pleadings leave out of account.

His holy temple] the heavenly sanctuary.

Try] test, as precious metals are tested.

5. Trieth] tries and approves. They stand the test.

6. Snares] Another reading is ’burning coals,’ which fits the context better. Fire and brimstone] as in the destruction of Sodom: Genesis 19:24. An horrible tempest] RV ’burning wind,’ like the simoom of the desert. Their cup] a common Scripture figure for ’their destiny’; men’s experiences in life being like a draught which they have to drink.

7. RV ’The Lord is righteous: he loveth righteousness.’ God’s dealings with men reflect His own character. His countenance, etc.] RV ’the upright shall behold His face,’ shall be admitted to His favour, as worthy subjects are admitted to the presence of a king: cp. Matthew 5:8.

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Dummelow, John. "Commentary on Psalms 11". "Dummelow's Commentary on the Bible". 1909.