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Dr. Constable's Expository Notes

Psalms 62

Verses 1-2

A literal translation of the first line would be, "My soul finds rest in God alone." That idea is the theme of this psalm (cf. Psalms 62:5). Rather than looking to other people for encouragement and security, David looked to God alone for these needs. He did this because he had discovered that God Himself was responsible for his deliverance. He had been a rock and stronghold for the psalmist in the past.

Verses 1-4

1. David’s example of trust in God 62:1-4

Verses 1-12

Psalms 62

David expressed trust in the Lord in spite of opposition in this psalm of confidence. He contrasted the security that comes from trusting in God with the insecurity of hoping in human schemes. The background may be Absalom’s rebellion. [Note: Kirkpatrick, pp. 347-48.]

Verses 3-4

David marveled that wicked enemies tried to topple him, as though he were a leaning wall or flimsy fence. These enemies had resorted to deceitful words to accomplish their ends.

Verses 5-6

These verses repeat the idea of Psalms 62:1-2 with minor variations.

Verses 5-8

2. David’s encouragement to trust in God 62:5-8

Verses 7-8

The psalmist acknowledged God as the basis of his salvation and glory; unless God had provided them David would have had neither of these blessings. Because of this, David urged his people to trust in Him always and to pour out their hearts to Him in prayer.

Verses 9-10

It is unwise to put one’s ultimate confidence in other people, whether they are of low or high position. The reason for this is that all human beings are comparatively insignificant. They are as transitory and ephemeral as a breath of wind (lit. vapor; cf. Psalms 39:5; Psalms 39:11; Psalms 144:4; Ecclesiastes 12:1; Ecclesiastes 12:7). Consequently the actions and products of human endeavor are poor objects in which to trust.

"The point, then, is not so much that we have nothing to fear from man (as in Psalms 27:1 ff.), as that we have nothing to hope from him." [Note: Kidner, p. 223.]

Verses 9-12

3. David’s entreaty to trust only in God 62:9-12

Verses 11-12

Human power is weak, but divine power is mighty. God’s loyal love is likewise great. He will distribute justice to everyone. Therefore it is important that human beings trust in God rather than in other people and their works.

People are constantly deciding whether to trust in what they can see. In this psalm David helps us see that God Himself is a much better person to trust than any mortal man. We should trust God, who remains faithful forever, because human beings pass away quickly.

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