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Bible Commentaries

Darby's Synopsis of the New Testament

James 1

Verse 3

1:3 works (g-8) Works out as an effect. see ver. 20; Philippians 2:12 .

Verse 5

1:5 freely (h-18) As 'simplicity,' Romans 12:8 . Of men we might say 'unaffectedly,' 'with a readiness of heart which does not make a great matter of it.' the want is there, and the heart answers without a second thought. I had thought of 'readily,' but it does not give the thought of simplicity without a second thought, as much as 'freely.'

Verse 8

1:8 man, (a-5) 'Double-minded man' is an apposition, not with 'that man,' but with 'he that doubts' (ver. 6); and ver. 7 is practically a parenthesis. I do not think the sense of ver. 8 bears a direct connection with ver. 7; it is rather a moral explanation of the figure of ver. 6. The style of James is characterized by these proverbial sentences. see ver. 20 as an example.

Verse 17

1:17 gift (b-3) gift (b-7) Dosis , then dorema ; the words are nearly the same. strictly dosis is 'the giving,' dorema 'the thing freely given.' In English 'gift' is both the giving and the thing given. down (c-9) Lit. 'is coming down;' its true character. see ch. 3.16.

Verse 18

1:18 will (d-5) 'Having so purposed' or 'willed it.' It was the fruit of his own mind, and so a free gift.

Verse 20

1:20 work (e-6) 'Work out as an effect,' as ver. 3. see Romans 7:13 .

Verse 25

1:25 view (f-6) Lit. 'stoops down to look into,' as Luke 24:12 ; John 20:5 .

Verse 26

1:26 himself (g-5) Or 'seem.' see 1 Corinthians 10:12 .

Verse 27

1:27 Father (h-9) Or 'God the Father,' Lit. 'God and Father.'

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