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Saturday, July 13th, 2024
the Week of Proper 9 / Ordinary 14
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James 1

Luscombe's Commentary on Selected Books of the NTLuscombe's NT Commentary

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Outline of Chapter One

1. Temptation and Joy 2-4

2. Wis_5:1-23

3. Doubt 6-8

4. Low Degree 9

5. Temptation 12

1. Lust

2. Entice

3. Conceive

4. Sin

5. Death

6. Deceived 16

7. Hear, speak, wrath 19-20

8. The Word 21

9. Doers 22

10. Perfect Law 25

11. Pure Religion 26-27

Verse 1

1. Which James is the author of this book? What is a “bond servant”? Is this book addressed to Jews or Christians? Who are the “12 tribes” mentioned here? Where do they live?

Verse 2

2. What is the meaning of the word “temptation”? Is “temptation” used in more than one way in the NT? Could temptation be a trial or a testing in this passage? What does 1Co_10:13 teach about temptations? How can temptation be a joy? Define: Joy What is the difference in joy and happiness?

Verse 3

3. How is our faith tested? What is a definition of patience? How does faith produce patience?

Verse 4

4. How does patience make us perfect? How does patience work? Does “perfect” mean without flaw or error? Can we say that we lack nothing? Does “nothing” include material things? Is this verse talking about having all spiritual needs met?

Verse 5

5. What is wisdom? Can we get wisdom from God by asking for it? How do we receive wisdom? What part does experience and knowledge have in our wisdom?

Verse 6

6. Why is doubt dangerous? List some reasons we begin to doubt. How do we ask in faith? Explain how we are like a ship tossed by the wind.


7. Why do we NOT get what we seek from the Lord? Why would God not answer or prayer? Why do we not ask for what we need from God?

Verse 8

8. What is a double-minded person? Why are we double-minded in some situations? How is the double-minded person unstable?

Verse 9

9. Who is a lowly brother? Is there anything wrong with being poor? When is the lowly brother be exalted? How does exaltation come?

Verse 10

10. Who is rich? How are the rich humiliated? Is there anything wrong with being rich? What is the point of the flower that passes away? Why is wealth said to be temporary?

Verse 11

11. What is the message of this verse? Does this passage teach that beauty fades? How does this illustration apply to the rich?

Verse 12

12. How do we endure temptation? What is the meaning of “temptation” in this verse? What is the crown of life? Who will receive the crown of life? When do we get this crown? ( 2Ti_4:8 )

Verse 13

13. What does “temp” mean in this verse? Does God tempt us? Why isn't it God's fault when we are tempted? If God does not tempt me, how am I tempted? Explain Gen_22:1 Can we tempt God? Compare with Deu_6:16 and Mat_4:7 .

Verse 14

14. Define “lust”. How does lust draw us away?

Verse 15

15. What is the definition of sin? Study 1Jn_3:4 ; Rom_3:23 ; Jam_4:17 . What are sins of “omission” and “commission”? How does lust give birth to sin? How does sin “grow up”? Why does sin result in death? In the Garden of Eden, did sin result in physical or spiritual death? What kind of “death” is meant in this verse?

Verse 16

16. Why are we given a warning about being deceived? How are brethren deceived? Does this verse refer to the passage above OR the statement to follow?

Verse 17

17. Where do all good things come from? What is “good” in this verse? Explain how God is the “Father of lights”? What is meant by the expression “no variation”? What is the significance of having no “shadow of turning”?

Verse 18

18. How is our salvation the will of God? What is the “word of truth” mentioned here?

How are we the first fruits of his creatures? What does “first fruits” mean in this verse?

Study 1Co_15:23 and Rev_14:4

Verse 19

19. Why should we be swift to hear? Hear what? What does the word “hear” mean? What is the intent of “slow to speak”? Why should we be slow to wrath? Is there a difference in wrath and anger?

Verse 20

20. What are the results of wrath? Can one be filled with wrath and still live righteously? Is it always a sin to be angry? Was Jesus ever angry? (See Mar_3:5 )

Verse 21

21. What is meant by filthiness? Define: wickedness. What is meekness? Is meekness a sign of weakness? What is the implanted word? How is the word implanted? How does the word save our souls? What else “saves” us? Make a list of the things that save.

Verse 22

22. Why are we to be doers? Are we saved by faith OR doing the will of God? How can we be hearers only? Explain how we deceive ourselves?

Verse 23

23. What is the purpose of looking in a mirror? How can you identify a hearer only? How can you tell if one is a hearer AND doer?

Verse 24

24. How do we forget what kind of person we are? Why do we try to forget what kind of person we are? In what way do we observe ourselves? Do we see ourselves differently that others see us? How does an anorexic see themselves?

Verse 25

25. What is the perfect law of liberty? How can it be liberty and be law at the same time? What is required for us to “continue” in this law? What is implied about not continuing in the law? Why are we forgetful hearers? How are we blessed in keeping the law?

Verse 26

26. Define - Religious Can we “seem” to be religious without it being genuine? Study Mat_23:14 . How do we bridle our tongue? Name some ways we deceive our hearts. Why is this person's religion useless?

Verse 27

27. What makes religion pure? Explain how religion can be defiled. What does it mean to “visit” widows and orphans? What is an “orphan” in this passage? Study this word in Joh_14:18 . Can we keep unspotted from the world? How can we live IN the world and not be spotted BY the world?

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