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Bible Commentaries

Darby's Synopsis of the New Testament

Matthew 24

1:11 away (a-14) In those days conquerors transported conquered nations to distant seats, and replaced them by others, that national feeling might not subsist, but dependence be complete. 'Carrying away' is feeble for this, but I know no other word.

Verse 1

24:1 temple, (i-10) temple. (i-26) Hieron , the whole system of buildings.

Verse 10

24:10 offended, (a-6) Or 'be stumbled.' see ch. 13.57.

Verse 12

24:12 prevail, (b-5) Or 'has been multiplied.' most (c-10) 'The mass,' but here that would tend to give the idea of the mass of the people, not professors. see Daniel 9:27 , 'the many.'

Verse 15

24:15 desolation, (d-9) See Note b, Mark 13:14 . place, (e-24) 'Holy place' is without an article and characteristic. The Greek does not designate some particular place. I have inserted 'what is a' to generalize it. understand,) (f-30) Or 'consider [it].' see Mark 13:14 , and Note c.

Verse 24

24:24 possible, (g-22) 'If possible' gives the purpose of the deceivers; 'if it were possible' would be the judgment of the writer. It seems to me simpler to take it as in text. It still implies 'it is not possible.'

Verse 34

24:34 not (h-9) A strengthened negative, 'in no wise,' 'not at all,' as in ver. 35.

Verse 43

24:43 coming, (a-19) Lit. 'is coming.'

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