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Bible Commentaries

Darby's Synopsis of the New Testament

Romans 8


1:1 called (f-7) 'A called apostle,' i.e. an apostle by (divine) calling. Cf. ver. 7 'called saints,' and see note there.

Verse 3

8:3 sin, (d-30) i.e. as a sacrifice for sin. The same expression as in Hebrews 10:6 ,Hebrews 10:18 ,Hebrews 10:26 ; Hebrews 13:11 . Used frequently in LXX in Leviticus for a 'sin-offering,' as Leviticus 5:11 ; Leviticus 7:37 ; Leviticus 16:5 ; Numbers 8:8 .

Verse 4

8:4 requirement (e-6) 'Righteous requirement,' as ch. 1.32; not the 'habit of righteousness.'

Verse 9

8:9 Spirit, (f-9) An instance of the difficulty of putting a large or small 'S.' It is clearly the state and characteristic of the believer; but it is so by the presence of the Spirit. See ver. 15; ch. 1.4.

Verse 15

8:15 adoption, (g-20) 'A spirit of adoption' might read 'Spirit of adoption.' See Notes on ver. 9 and ch 1.4. 'Adoption' is the same word as 'sonship' in Galatians 4:5 .

Verse 17

8:17 with (a-25) Lit. 'If we co-suffer that we may be co-glorified,' but this is hardly English.

Verse 18

8:18 revealed (b-23) Or 'the glory about to be revealed.' but the sense is most nearly given in the text. See Galatians 3:23 and 1 Corinthians 3:22 . The emphasis is on 'coming,' in contrast with 'this present time.'

Verse 19

8:19 anxious (c-3) Or 'constant,' as Philippians 1:20 .

Verse 21

8:21 glory (d-20) 'Glorious liberty,' as in A.V., does not give the sense. The creature has no part in the liberty of grace; but it will have in that which glory gives.

Verse 22

8:22 creation (e-7) 'Creation' is the same in Greek as 'creature' in vers. 19-21; but the Greek for 'whole' gives it a concrete and not an abstract character, i.e. 'creation.'

Verse 23

8:23 groan (f-19) As Mark 7:34 . adoption, (g-23) See Note, ver. 15.

Verse 26

8:26 help (h-10) It means 'to take up a person's cause, so as to help him.' The 'with,' added in Greek, is rendered 'join.' Only occurs here and Luke 10:40 . weakness; (i-13) Or 'infirmity.'

Verse 28

8:28 *do* (k-3) Refers to ver. 26.

Verse 29

8:29 be (l-23) See Note h, ch. 4.11.

Verse 34

8:34 died, (m-11) Aorist. See Note to ch. 5.6.

Verse 36

8:36 written, (n-5) See Psalms 44:22 .

Verse 37

8:37 loved (a-14) Aorist. See Note to ch. 5.6.

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