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Bible Commentaries

Darby's Synopsis of the New Testament

Song of Solomon 1

Verse 1

1:1 Solomon's. (a-7) The separate paragraphs indicate, as far as possible, the succession of the various speakers.

Verse 2

1:2 love (b-13) Heb. 'loves.' so ver. 4; chs. 4.10; 7.12. It is the same word as that used in the singular for the 'beloved,' ver. 13, &c., whence also the name David .

Verse 4

1:4 remember (c-28) Or 'celebrate.'

Verse 6

1:6 me. (d-15) Or 'hath burned me.'

Verse 7

1:7 veiled (e-28) Others, 'roving.'

Verse 9

1:9 love, (f-5) Or 'friend.' it is feminine and occurs in ver. 15; chs. 2.2,10,13; 4.1,7; 5.2; 6.4. (It is not the same as chs. 2.7; 3.5; 7.6; 8.4.) This feminine form of the word is only found in this Book and Judges 11:37 ,Judges 11:38 , and Psalms 45:14 . The masculine form 'friend' occurs in ch. 5.1,16; 2 Samuel 15:37 ; 2 Samuel 16:16 , &c.

Verse 13

1:13 night (g-14) Or 'That passeth the night,' or 'abideth.'

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Darby, John. "Commentary on Song of Solomon 1". "John Darby's Synopsis of the New Testament". 1857-67.