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Charles John Ellicott
Charles John Ellicott

Charles John Ellicott (1819-1905) was a distinguished biblical scholar and theologian of the 19th century, renowned for his profound contributions to the study of the New Testament. Born in Whitwell, Somerset, Ellicott's academic journey led him to the University of Cambridge, where he not only excelled but also began to carve out his niche in the theological world. His dedication to the Scriptures and theological education propelled him through various roles, including the prestigious positions of Bishop of Gloucester and Bristol.

Ellicott's legacy is most enduring in the realm of biblical exegesis, where his analytical prowess and linguistic expertise were brought to bear on the New Testament texts. He was deeply committed to the accurate interpretation of Scripture, advocating for a careful and scholarly approach that took into account the original Greek language. His commentaries on the New Testament are a testament to his meticulous study, offering critical and grammatical insights that have served as invaluable resources for theologians, pastors, and students of the Bible.

Among his numerous works, "A Critical and Grammatical Commentary on St. Paul's Epistles" stands out for its thorough analysis and depth of understanding. Ellicott's approach was characterized by a balance between scholarly rigor and a reverence for the divine inspiration of Scripture, aiming to elucidate the apostolic writings' historical context and theological significance.

Ellicott's influence extended beyond his written works. As a bishop, he was involved in the significant religious discussions of his time, including the revision of the English New Testament. His contributions to these debates reflected his commitment to faithfulness in Scripture translation and interpretation, underscoring his life's work to bridge the gap between academic theology and ecclesiastical practice.

Charles John Ellicott remains a towering figure in biblical scholarship, remembered for his unwavering dedication to unlocking the riches of the New Testament through meticulous study and faithful exposition.

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